Plus Size fashion



Summer is the best time to flaunt your curves whether it’s with a gorgeous summer dresses or a comfy cotton shirt. Find your unique curvy style and experiment with the latest colour and pattern trends with our guide to plus size summer fashion.

This season marks a continuation of bold statement pieces, accentuated by bright, deep hues like cerise, sapphire, emerald and golden mustard. There are also plenty of innovative botanical prints to catch the eye, such as photorealistic floral and tropical palm prints.

Bright pops of colour

Bright & Colourful Palettes

Summer should be about fun, not muted colours and boring shades, which is why bold colour palettes are set to be such a popular fashion trend this summer.

Designed to allow you to stand out and make a fashion statement, this season focuses on colours like vivid cerise, deep sapphire, emerald green and a sprinkling of marigold. Mix and match to create fun colour combinations.

Embrace bright this summer and add some zest to your wardrobe with bright and playful separates, such as a very on trend block-colour cerise summer skirt or a trendy top in emerald green.


Bold prints

Big & Bold Patterns

Patterns and prints are a great tool to draw the eye to your favourite and most flattering regions. They not only scream confidence and style but are a summer wardrobe must-have.

This summer will once again feature stunning botanical prints, but the type of botanical print will differ slightly from previous years. Oversized florals, photorealistic floral and colourful tropical palm prints are three of the new types of print gaining traction on runways around the world.

Along with fresh, fun floral patterns, a key summer fashion trend will be the resurgence of animal prints, from monochrome zebra patterns to daring leopard detailing. You’ll also find funky paisley, chic stripes or checks in our summer range, whether you’re after a lightweight printed bomber jacket or a beautiful floral plus size skirt.


Flowy cool summer layers

Light & Flowy Layers Of Linen & Cotton

Layering is a great way for you to showcase your favourite assets and give yourself your desired shape. But summer can make layering a little complicated; if you don’t choose the right pieces or fabrics, you could overheat.

Make sure you plan your outfit in steps, so that removing one layer won’t upset your whole look. But the real trick to summer layering is using lightweight and natural materials. Enter linen shirts, flowy vests, and lightweight summer jackets.

Linen and soft, comfy cottons remain two of the hottest summer fabrics for this very reason. Not only do linen and soft cottons feel wonderfully soft against the skin, they’re also breathable and look chic and cool even when crumpled and wrinkled.


shorts and culottes

Culottes & Boyfriend Shorts

Recent summer fashion trends have seen the return of culottes, a light, airy and incredibly fashionable option if you want a pair of plus size summer pants that you won’t have to peel off at the end of a hot day.

Want to show off your legs this summer? Boyfriend shorts offer better coverage than other styles, while still giving you a sexy, carefree silhouette. Not all curvy ladies are the same, so knowing your shape will help when choosing the right cut and silhouette for you.


Easy wear summer dresses

Classic Summer Dresses

Plus-size summer fashion is all about the summer dress. There are so many styles, cuts and colours to choose from that you could wear a different summer dress every day of summer and not get bored.

A summer dress, whether it’s a maxi dress, mid-length or short cut, is a perfect addition to your wardrobe. The versatility of a summer dress is what makes it a classic.

You can wear a summer dress with a pair of thongs to the beach, or throw on some strappy heels and wear it for a night out on the town. Wrap dresses will cinch in at the waist, offering a shapely hourglass silhouette.


Stylish accessories

Glam Accessories

They say accessories make the outfit. If you’re looking to add a little panache to your summer wardrobe without committing to a whole new one, accessories are the answer.

Accessories have the power to transform a simple, casual summer dress from office chic to party-ready with just a few new statement pieces.

Look for colourful pieces that spark the imagination. For example, a green belt, a purple hat or a pair of rose-coloured sunglasses can really make your outfit hum. Bold black and gold statement pieces are perfect for a glamorous summer night out.


Ezibuy has a wide range of plus size clothing. Get the look with our gorgeous summer fashion and make the most of the great weather!