Everything you need to know about fringes (and yes, they make you look younger)
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You may have heard that in some circles, fringes have been dubbed "Botox Bangs", a cheaper alternative for the needle-averse. But is there any truth to it? In a word, yes. "Fringes can soften facial features, and help conceal an aging forehead, so yes, in a way they can make you look younger," confirms stylist Barney Martin, hair director and owner of Barney Martin salons, NSW. The key is to pick the 'right' fringe for your face shape.


As a general rule, Martin explains that fringes “are best suited to those with a more prominent forehead, as the fringe will impart a softer effect,” he says. Those with oval face shapes can try a deep, heavy fringe, while square-shaped faces should consult a stylist to ensure the fringe doesn’t dominate your face. If you're not a wash-your-hair-everyday type, keep a bottle of dry shampoo handy (try Nioxin Instant Fullness Dry Cleanser) as fringes tend to get greasy, fast.


When it comes to an all-rounder style, "a longer, whispy fringe, one that sits just on the eyebrows, is the easiest option that will work with most face shapes,” says Martin. Curly fringes are making a comeback, so instead of spending all that time trying to tame your texture, add a light dose of Sebastian Texture Maker, and let your hair air-dry and do its thing. Looking to make a statement? A blunt, heavy fringe is definitely a head-turning look, but it requires a close eye to ensure it stays smooth all day - mist it lightly with hairspray, like John Frieda Frizz Ease Moisture Barrier Hairspray, or Sebastian Shaper Fierce Hairspray if you have especially thick hair, to keep humidity and flyaways at bay.


"Always consult with your stylist, who should ask questions about your lifestyle to help customise your fringe so that it fits in with your routine and flatters your features," explains Martin. And don't forget, fringes can be high maintenance to style, and growing them out can be laborious. Good thing that cute hair clips are back in vogue this season.