Get the Best Fit: Women's Edition

Get the right fit by measuring yourself and following our detailed clothing size charts! Our size and fit specialists ensure that every garment corresponds to our size chart.

You can be sure your favourite clothes will fit magnificently, whether they are shoes, t-shirts, bras or jeans. Don’t buy the wrong size; measuring yourself is easy, and will save you the hassle of having to exchange an ill-fitting item.


  • When measuring yourself, keep the tape firm, but not tight.
  • Measure over undergarments for more accurate measurements.
  • If you don’t have a measuring tape, use a piece of string and measure it using a ruler.
  • Ask a friend to help you take the measurements, or head to a tailor.
  • Use your exact measurements when selecting your size.

Measure your body:

Measuring yourself will give you a more accurate idea of your size. Once you have determined your body measurement, it’s a good idea to consider your body shape and the styles and cuts that will suit both your body measurements and shape. See our Find your Body Shape Guide for more information.

Measure Your Body

TOP OF SHOULDER: Measuring the width of your shoulders can help you determine your body shape. Wider shoulders may signify an Inverted Triangle body shape, while narrow shoulders might make you a Diamond or Pear shape. You may also be able to find a better fit for your t-shirts and shirts if you know your shoulder width. Simply measure the points on your shoulders that sit above your armpits and measure end to end with a straight tape measure. To measure for dress length run the tape measure from the end of your shoulder to where the hem will sit.

BUST: Measure around the fullest part of your bust. This is a key measure for tops and dresses. It’s important not to tighten the measuring tape too much, and to make sure it sits horizontally across your body.

WAIST:Measure around the natural waistline – the narrowest part of your waist – keeping the tape comfortably loose. This is an important measurement for high-waist skirts and fitted tops. The size of your waist, hips and bust may give you an idea of your body shape. An Hourglass body shape for instance, will have a small waist and bigger bust and hips.

HIPS:Measure around the fullest part of the hips. This is different for everyone; if you are unsure, take several measurements in this region and use the biggest measurement. This measurement is important for trousers, jeans, fitted skirts, and dresses.

INSIDE LEG:Run the tape measure from the top of the inside leg down to the ankle bone to determine the length of your legs. This is helpful for figuring out whether you are suited to petite or tall-style pants.

RISE:To determine the rise on a pair of jeans, measure the distance from the crotch following the front seam to the button at the waist. Low-rise is around 23cm, mid-rise is around 25cm and high-rise is around 27cm.

Size Charts

Finding the right size for your shape shouldn’t be a hassle. Once you have measured yourself, compare the results with the bust, waist and hip measurements in the appropriate women’s clothing size chart.


We’ve included both the numeric sizes, and Alpha sizes, so you can get the right fit, every time. Don’t risk looking frumpy in a dress that’s too big, or stuffed into a pair of pants that are too small. Get the perfect size for you by following our simple size chart.

When selecting your size, fit to the widest part of your body and choose the size closest to the widest measurement.

6   75-79 58-62 85-89
8 XS 80-84 63-67 90-94
10 S 85-89 68-72 95-99
12 M 90-94 73-77 100-104
14 L 95-99 75-82 105-109
16 XL 100-105 83-88 110-115
18 2XL 106-111 89-94 116-121
20 3XL 112-117 95-100 122-127
22   118-123 101-106 128-133
24   124-129 107-112 134-139


For voluptuous women with gorgeous curves, our plus-size size guidelines will ensure you get the perfect fit.

When selecting your size, fit to the widest part of your body and choose the size closest to the widest measurement.

14 1X 101-105 84-88 110-114
16 1X 106-110 89-93 115-119
18 2X 111-115 94-98 120-124
20 2X 116-120 99-103 125-129
22 3X 121-125 104-108 130-134
24 3X 126-130 109-113 135-139
26 4X 131-135 114-118 140-144
28 4X 136-140 119-123 145-149


We stock clothing from fashion capitals across Europe, so our international size chart will help you pick the most accurate clothing size for you. Easily convert European, New Zealand and Australian standard clothing sizes.

When selecting your size, fit to the widest part of your body and choose the size closest to the widest measurement.

34 6 78-81 63-35 88-91
36 8 82-85 66-69 92-95
38 10 86-89 70-73 96-98
40 12 90-93 74-77 99-101
42 14 94-97 78-81 102-104
44 16 98-102 82-85 105-108
46 18 103-107 86-90 109-112
48 20 108-113 91-95 113-116
50 22 114-119 96-102 117-121
52 24 120-125 103-108 122-126


Finding the perfect pair of jeans has never been easier. From full-length staples to chic pedal pushers, in all styles from low-rise to high-rise; whatever you’re into, we have it.

Get the perfect pair of jeans with our inner leg lengths chart and rise length chart. Fashion trends come and go, but your favourite pair of jeans are forever!

Inner Leg Lengths
7/8th 68-72CM
3/4 approx. 55CM


Too many women are wearing the wrong size bra. That’s why it so important to measure yourself before buying a bra.

The wrong sized bra won’t only look bad under your gorgeous new dress, it will also be uncomfortable, causing problems such as aching shoulders or a sore back.

When measuring for a new bra, remember to measure under your bust as well as over it. You can read more about how to find the right bra, shapewear and briefs for your size and shape in our Lingerie Fit & Style Guide.



Shoes can make the outfit. With our simple shoe size chart, it should be easy for you to pick your shoes from EziBuy.

Use a ruler or a measuring tape to measure your foot from the tip of your longest toe to the end of the heel. Record the results and compare them to the size chart below.

5 3 S 36 22
6 4 S 37 23
7 5 M 38 24
8 6 M/L 39 25
9 7 L 40 26
10 8 L 41 27
11 9 XL 42 28
12 10 XL 43 29