Waste and Recycling

Waste and Recycling at EziBuy

At EziBuy we remain committed to working to reduce the amount of waste we generate wherever possible from within our operations as we continue to grow as a business and to reuse or recycle more of the waste we do produce to divert it from landfill.

We have an ongoing programme of reduction, reuse and recycling which we manage with the support of our employees across the business.

Our Distribution Centre manages the bailing of all cardboard waste and having the waste re-processed through a local Pulp and Paper Mill. Within our Retail Stores our employees play a vital role in effectively separating and segregating recyclable materials for return to a local recycling centre to minimise the waste being sent to landfill. In addition to this we have a plastic recycling programme to recycle as much of our plastic waste as possible.

Product Packaging is essential to protect products during transit as well as before and after purchase by the customer. We believe there is an opportunity to reduce the amount of waste produced, for both ourselves and our customers. By reviewing the amount of packaging used on our products, the types of materials used which are easier to recycle and reducing it where possible to ensure it is the right size for the product. To that purpose we have recently invested in a new packaging machine (“Flo-Wrapper”) in our Distribution Centre that uses the exact amount of wrap needed to ship the parcel to our customer. The packaging used in the flow wrap machine is fully recyclable. Further, in case of returns we have a simple process, our EziReturns process, which encourages customers to re-use their courier bag by turning it inside out when returning product to us.

As a business we are continuing to look for ways to improve the recycle and reduction initiatives in our business.