The Essential Guide to Bedding

Have you ever wondered why blankets and throws come in so many different types of materials. Or what the difference is between all the different duvet and pillow fillings? Or how often you’re meant to wash or replace your bedding?

This bedding guide explains it all! In this guide, we cover every layer of your bedding, from the mattress protector to the pillows on top!

Do you really need a mattress protector? Learn about the benefits of protectors, as well as different types of protectors for different needs. We also throw in a mattress protector care guide and answer your most common FAQs.

Bed sheets come in different materials, weaves and thread counts, so choosing the right bed sheet for you can get overwhelming. Learn about the best bed sheets for your needs along with some handy care tips you’ll want to try out immediately!

Did you know the type of pillow you use can impact the quality of your sleep? Learn about the best pillows for different sleeping positions. We also cover everything you need to know to keep your pillows in great shape for much longer!

What kind of a duvet are you after? Find out all about different duvet fillings and how they can impact your sleeping experience. Plus we answer some common duvet FAQs to help you keep your duvet looking and feeling amazing longer!

Blankets and throws are made with different materials to affect the level of warmth and cosiness you’ll feel. So what are the best throws for every season? We’ll give you advice on the best throws for your needs, along with some styling advice to match your blanket to your existing decor.