The pear body shape is the most common figure among women. If you have wide hips and narrow shoulders, you’re probably a pear.

If you’re looking to slim down your bottom and thighs, you’ll want to accentuate your upper half – the shoulders and waist – with tops that have embellishments or bold patterns.



Find women's tops and jackets that will show off your slender upper body while creating a fuller illusion at the right places to achieve that balance with the larger hips.

  • Large V or U-necks
  • Horizontal stripes
  • Big lapels
  • Padding or embellishments on shoulders
  • Cropped tops
  • Tops and jackets with decorative patterns that cut off at the bottom
  • Shapeless tops

Focus on women's pants and skirts that minimize your lower half, either by slimming or elongation. Darker colours and clean, straight lines are ideal.

  • Wide-leg or straight-leg pants and jeans
  • A-line skirts that are fitted at the hips
  • Darker colours
  • Pencil skirts which cling at the hips
  • Bottoms made of stiffer materials
  • Capri-style pants

Almost any heel is an asset to lengthen your figure by reducing the difference between your hips and shoulders.

  • Heels to lengthen your figure
  • Peep-toe shoes
  • Boots that cut off just under the knee
  • Extremely high heels
  • Pointy flats rather than rounded styles
  • Low-cut boots


  • Tops with thick or wide-set straps are particularly good for elongating the shoulders.

  • Triangle tops, as well as ruffles or embellishments visually balance out the heavier bottom half.

  • Mix-and-match bikinis with a lighter top and darker bottom to draw attention to the upper body.

  • Tying a sarong around your waist can also minimise your hips and thighs.


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