Get through party season with your makeup intact
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An Australian summer is all about friends and festivities – and soring temperatures. Which means all your carefully applied cosmetics are at risk of sliding right off. Makeup artist Max May shares his tips on how to face the cocktail circuit with confidence.


Not only does primer give your makeup something to grip and make application easier, it can also help keep shine at bay, says May. Top picks: Nude by Nature Airbrush Mineral Primer, with skin-conditioning vitamin E and anti-inflammatory green tea, Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Brightening Skin Primer, which packs radiance-boosting lilac pigments to counteract dull skin, and Velvet Concepts Prime Light Primer, which has a peach tint to instantly boost luminosity.


“Use a light coverage foundation that allows skin to breathe and makes it look even and fresh with an all-over glow, rather than a foundation that gives thick, heavy coverage that might shift in the heat,” suggests May. Velvet Concepts Summer Skin Foundation glides effortlessly onto skin and has buildable coverage, and Sampar Crazy Cream is like a souped-up tinted moisturiser with plenty of skin-loving ingredients. If you need more coverage, go over any trouble spots with a creamy concealer, like Nude by Nature Liquid Mineral Concealer, and set your skin with a light dusting of translucent powder, like Natio Loose Powder, to lock everything in place.


For long-lasting definition around the eyes, Max advises tracing around eyes with a pencil, as these “have a waxy texture that last so much longer than any eyeshadow ever will,” he notes. For extra insurance, “you can also layer eyeshadow over the top – this will really maximise wear and add heat resistance,” says May. Try: Napoleon Perdis Eye Pencil, or Dr Hauschka Eye Definer, which comes with a sponge blender tip so you can diffuse the edges.