The Party Quiz


We getting super excited here in the office for Christmas as it means we get to
dress up and go out!

We've selected the best party dresses from the latest brand on board, Lipsy.


The Party Quiz from Lipsy


Unsure of what to wear to the next party you go to? Are you a Floral or Glitter girl? Take our quiz


Question 1

When you go shopping where is the first place you go?

A. Straight to the makeup aisles to test out the latest colours of lipstick and eyeshadow

B. A mix of places but mostly to the perfume counter to trial out the next purchase.

C. I don't go shopping


Question 2

You've been reprimanded at work for doing something you know you shouldn't have done. You:

A. Accept the complaint, work extra hard, but still sulk.

B. Be extra nice and on your best behaviour to show how sorry you are.

C. Loudly protest the complaint against you, indulge in some sulking and then leave work at the earliest available opportunity.


Question 3

Your phone rings in the middle of an important discussion. What do you do?

A. Answer the phone and let them know you'll call them back as you are in the middle of something.

B. Quickly and politely finish the conversation so you can answer the phone.

C. Never even bother to call back, if it's important they'll ring you back!


Your Results

Mostly A's: You're a glitter gal at heart! 

Mostly B's: You can't go past a floral print

Mostly C's: This quiz doesn't mean anything so wear what you want!



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The Party Quiz from Lipsy