Knitwear Styles
for Men

Stay warm and look great in this wardrobe essential. Knitwear comes in a range of styles, designs and cuts. From crew neck to v-neck, there are so many styles, you won’t have any trouble finding the right look for you.


Men's Cardigan Styles

A cardigan is a knitted jumper that opens at the front and can be fastened close with buttons or a waist belt.

Cardigans are a wonderful way to smarten up your outfit simply. Ditch the zip-up hoodie for a cardigan. Layer a cardigan under your suit jacket for a warm, yet totally cool outfit.

HOW TO STYLE A CARDIGAN: Wear a casual cardigan over a t-shirt for a smart casual look. Wearing a cardigan under your coat or blazer will provide you with extra insulation.


Knitted jumpers come in a range of styles and cuts. From crew to turtleneck, knit jumpers have long sleeves and tend to finish at the hips. Popular knit jumper styles include:


Crew Neck Knits

Style is all about layers! A classic crew neck knit looks great on its own but you can really kick it up a notch when wearing it over a collared shirt.

HOW TO STYLE A CREW NECK KNIT: When wearing a crew neck knit over a collared shirt it’s a great idea to cuff the sleeves for a runway look with very little effort!


V-Neck Knits

V-Neck Knits look great on every man. Perfect for chill weekends, or chilly days at the office! V-Neck knits are great to own in a range of colours and can really help you stretch your wardrobe.

HOW TO STYLE A V-NECK KNIT: Wear it over a collared shirt with a stylish tie, you can even coordinate your tie with your knit for an expert look!


Roll Neck Knits

Roll neck knits, or turtlenecks, are often forgotten. But the beauty of this style of knit is that you can wear it with almost anything (except shorts!) and it can instantly smarten up your look.

HOW TO STYLE A ROLL NECK KNIT: Pair a roll neck knit with chinos, or wear it in place of a shirt and tie for a smart outfit perfect for the office.


Woollen vests are a must for men who appreciate the art of layering. Pick some up in a range of colours for every outfit. Look for deep hues of red, green and navy, or try a brighter colour that will pop!


Knitted Accessories


Nothing says you know a thing or two about style like accessories. A woollen scarf is a must-have for any man’s winter wardrobe. Choose neutral colours to coordinate with more outfits, and pick accent colours to really stand out.


Keep your feet nice and cosy with a pair of woollen socks. Their great insulation, yet won’t let your feet overheat. As a general rule your socks should be the same colour as your suit pants.


Beanies will keep your head warm whether you are going on a brisk morning walk, or headed to a winter football game. But don’t limit yourself to your team’s colours, try handsome green or navy.

HOW TO STYLE KNITTED ACCESSORIES: Accessories make the man, so don’t be afraid to add knitted scarves, gloves, and hats to your wardrobe rotation. Pair a burgundy scarf with a navy blazer for a smart look.

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