Rectangle ShapedStyle Tips for Your Body Shape


With a straight, up-and-down body, you may want to add some femininity to your athletic look. Thankfully, that is not a difficult task with a rectangular figure.

The main aim is to create some shapeliness in your thighs and bust while cinching in your waistline. Loosely fitting women's tops looks best on your figure paired with fitted pants or skirts.



With a relatively straight shape and smaller bust, you want tops that create more curves and a more feminine silhouette by defining the waist.

  • Fitted blazers with shoulder pads to define your waist
  • Embellishments or pockets around the bust and shoulders
  • Tops that are flowy around the bust
  • Vertical patterns as they emphasise your straight lines
  • Square neck tops
  • Fitted tops


Aim to add curves to your bottom and legs while retaining the proportional balance between the upper and lower body.

  • Large back pockets
  • Figure hugging and low rise jeans
  • Pencil and A line skirts with cinched waists
  • Straight skirts
  • Baggy styles
  • Too wide flares


Long and lean legs with a slim ankle area means that all sorts of shoes will flatter your body.

  • Flats and heels of all heights will look flattering
  • Overly thin heels (if you are thin)


  • Padded bikinis with embellishments such as ruffles and bows.

  • Bright colours and prints, especially feminine patterns.

  • Avoid those that cut straight across your body as they will give you a more boyish look.

  • Tankinis and one-pieces which come with a form fitting waist or have belts or buckles to cinch.


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