Hourglass ShapedStyle Tips for Your Body Shape


Lucky you, you have one of the easiest female body shapes to dress! With your sculpted waist and proportionate bust and bottom, your hourglass figure is one that many women strive to achieve.

Since you have a balanced body shape, you can wear just about anything. But there are still ways to accentuate your best assets! Fitted garments suit your shape best, while belts around the waist also create a flattering silhouette.



With a feminine and curvy figure, ladies of the hourglass shape will just need to find the right tops to accentuate this while not appearing heavy.

  • Scooped and V-necklines
  • Tops that sit at the waist
  • Clean lined jackets and coats which are well cut and fitted
  • Higher necklines
  • Shapeless cuts
  • Baby doll tops or empire cuts
  • Embellishments around the hips and bust


Just about all women's bottoms can look great on you, when paired with the right top to show off your silhouette.

  • Baggy and shapeless bottoms
  • Overly short skirts
  • Skirts that end at the thickest part of your leg


The look of an hourglass figure in stilettos is a classic that is hard to top.

  • Pointed shoes
  • Chunky heels


  • Two-pieces are a great choice for showing off the hourglass figure - especially those with underwire support.

  • Halter or triangle bikini tops, paired with triangular bottoms will show off your hourglass look.

  • Draw attention to the legs by wearing a bottom that is cut higher up on the sides.

  • Simple bottoms that go straight across the lower body are great.


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