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From patterned jeans to classic denim, Heine has fashionable jeans to suit your style. Keep it simple with some plain white or blue denim jeans or make it interesting with patterned or embellished styles.



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Embrace the wardrobe staple and get a quality pair of Heine jeans. Borrowing from the latest Parisian fashions, Heine brings you fresh styling ideas with its emboldened range of jeans.

Classic blue denim jeans make styling easy, but that doesn't mean you still can't have some fun. Find a pair of blue jeans with trendy beads or embroidery embellishments to pair with a print t-shirt or oversized knit top.

Or why not go completely original with a bold pair of patterned jeans? These work perfectly with plain tops and flowing blouses. Tuck your tops into the jeans to accentuate the pattern.

Love a bit of European flare? You won't be able to resist our latest collection of jeans from Heine. Shop the range today for fast delivery and 30 day returns.