Shirt Dresses

The shirt dress is the ultimate in comfort and style, offering a trendy look with very little effort. Easy to dress up or down, they're ideal for any occasion. Our shirt dresses come in a range of bold colours, prints and fabrics to suit your needs.



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  Looking for a contemporary block colour dress? You'll find it here. Would you prefer a feminine floral print instead? Look no further.

Inspired by the latest European styles, you'll find our shirt dresses in a range of fabrics, including classic linen, denim, or modern chambray.

For a classic wintry look, pair your shirt dress with leggings or tights, a coat, and some ankle boots for effortless chic. Add curves by pulling in the waist with a belt.

Don't be fooled by the smart collar! A shirt dress is a dream throw-on style for casual weekends out or classy holiday wear. Whether you're after a formal shirt dress for an evening event, or a simple summer style, you'll love our collection of dresses from EziBuy.