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From stunning diamond sets to pearl studs and gemstone chandeliers, you'll love this range of quality earrings from Fairfax & Roberts. They feature modern designs, timeless looks and are made to the same exacting standards as the rest of the range.



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By Fairfax & Roberts has a pair of earrings for every occasion, from everyday favourites to elegant evening pieces perfect for a special occasion.

You'll love our selection of contemporary and classic geometric, link or hoop earrings, which are so versatile and stylish and are made with ethical diamonds, 18K yellow gold plated links and other premium metals.

Or choose the elegant, classical beauty of pearl earrings, which are made with only the best, cultured freshwater pearls, which are ethically harvested, hand cleaned and sorted to get the most radiant colours and shines possible.

And don't forget our illustrious gemstone earrings. We hand-select gems with intense colour and have them hand-cut by specialist gem cutters. Some of our gemstones may have some visible inclusions within the body of the stone to enhance its personality and natural beauty.

By Fairfax & Roberts also has a premium selection of necklaces and bracelets that will complement your earrings and will work with virtually every outfit. Shop the range of earrings now, or read our gemstone and pearl guide here.