How to hide and treat them
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It’s one of the classic beauty questions: why do I have dark under-eye circles, and more importantly, how can get I rid of them? You might not be able to erase them entirely, but you can improve them. Here’s how…



There are two major reasons for dark circles, the most important being genetics. If your parents have thin under-eye skin, you might too, which means the area can have a purple or blue tinge, as the underlying veins are partially visible through the translucent skin. The hue can worsen with lack of sleep, as fluid build-up in the area can lead to pooling in the blood vessels. Another cause is increased pigment in the area, which is why daily SPF eye cream is so necessary. Help minimise fine lines and dark circles with a nourishing eye cream, such as Dr Lewinn’s Ultra R4 Eye Repair Cream (it's packed with peptides) or an option with a metal applicator, like Pixi 24K Eye Elixir, which features a peptide-and-collagen serum plus rollerball applicator, that cools and de-puffs as you apply.



For those with genetic dark circles, a retinol-infused eye cream can help boost collagen production and cell turnover, which in turn increases skin volume and firmness and makes the darkness less apparent. Ingredients like peptides, hyaluronic acid and ceramides, help hydrate and plump skin, while caffeine-spiked eye creams will perk up the area so it looks less tired. For a fast brightening and hydrating boost, try HydroPeptide Polypeptide Collagel+ Mask for Eyes, which pairs hydrogel technology with peptides to soothe and plump the area, or Black Chicken ICU Intensive Care Eye Serum, which has green coffee seed to get blood circulating. And start wearing SPF, stat.



For something you can do right now, a light-reflecting eye cream will give the area the illusion of brightness (we’re loving: Sampar The Impossible Eye Care Pen, which has diamond pearl powder for instant illumination) while a cooling treatment, like Pixi DetoxifEYE Depuffing Eye Patches (it contains caffeine, cucumber and hyaluronic acid) will depuff and rehydrate and help revitalize the area.