Rock & Ruddle

Alexandra Rock and Jackie Ruddle worked in the beauty industry together in London. When Alexandra lost her hairbrush they discovered that it was impossible to replace it with something bright and colourful.

Hairbrushes were either of good quality but totally lacking in design or colour of of poor quality with plastic bristles and not made to last.

They decided there was a need for good quality hairbrushes which would be good for your scalp and hair but that were fun and elegant to have as an accessory. Read more...

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Made with natural boar bristles with one nylon tip per tuft to ensure gentle detangling.

The boar bristles are strong and resilient and brush the hair without pulling. They have microscopic scales that release and drag the natural sebum down the shaft of the hair. The bristles also stimulate the scalp which encourages the hair to grow and they also help keep the hair clean thanks to the scales picking up dirt and excess oils.

The rubber pad prevents pulling and can be removed and washed gently with mild soapy water.