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Mas du Roseau offers an assortment of products for well being, relaxation and natural home servicing! Our lifestyle and our concept focuses on the art of living and take time to enjoy all the good things that nature offers. For an everyday life more true, healthier, more nature... Read more...

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Blanche, my grandmother was the mainstay of our family, always on the lookout for news but also very respectful of traditions. It is thanks to her that I imagined "La droguerie de Blanche", yestyear recipes revisited and brought up to date. It is especially since the birth of my grandson that this way of manufacture has become obvious. How to conceive to raise a child by using daily products harmful to his health, knowing that the worst pollution of home comes from cleaning products. Since February 2015 we have never stop working on a concept, more true, healthier, more natural without CMR, reducing packaging, banishing Phenoxyethanol from our ingredients, chemical dyes etc... Let's try hard our consumption and Information... Flyers will be provided to educate your customers and give them little tips to better project in a daily truer, healthier and more nature ...

Craftsman, we pay special attention to our ingredients favoring a natural raw material from our region. We have developed a protocol to preserve environment: We recycle our broken or damaged soaps, we collect in our village, as well as within our company, paper we grind for packing and dry clean our machines.

Our products are always designed with an inimitable touch, which gives them a style apart. A real asset, while bestowing privilege to natural, our products are CMR* free, without EDTA and without phenotoxyletanol, paraben free. We ban active tensions and we only use washing bases derived from sugar and coconut. We claim our passion for made in France and handmade.

We support activity and missions from ESAT (assisted employment centers) by using various structures which contribute to develop disabled people autonomy but also by training them inside our company!