Reap the most benefits and make your skincare work harder with these three simple tips
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If you're investing time and money in your skin, you want to see results – here's how to maximise your products.



These are generally the most powerful of your skincare products, packed with active ingredients that are going to reach the deepest levels of the skin where they can do the most good. With this in mind, serums should be applied on just-cleansed, still-slightly-damp, skin. Dispense a tiny amount of serum (less is more!), dot over the face, then use light but firm strokes to work the serum in. If you’re dealing with dark spots and pigmentation, try Endota New Age Potent Brightening Serum, while mature skin will love the firming and wrinkle-diminishing properties of Dr Hauschka Regenerating Serum.



The skin here is the thinnest of anywhere on the body, making it one of the first places to show the signs of ageing, so you want to proceed with caution. Apply eye cream with your fourth finger (it has the least pressure), using a light tapping technique. Never rub, which will only put stress on the delicate skin, and a tiny amount is sufficient for both eyes. Most of us apply eye cream around the orbital bone, but you should be taking it up and under the brows, too, as this area is also prone to sagging, wrinkles and crepiness. To avoid the potential for product to seep into the eyes and cause irritation, don’t get too close to the lower lash line, and definitely don’t apply on the eyelid. Priori Q+ SOD fx230 Eye Crème features a blend of lactic acid and vitamin A to help smooth and plump the area, while the nourishing blend of sunflower, aloe vera, jojoba and Kakadu plum in Blessed by Nature Antioxidant Soothing Eye Serum, is safe for delicate skin.



Damp skin is better able to absorb and lock in moisture, so apply moisturiser while skin is still dewy – not slick – following your serum. Using an upward motion, massage a cream like Sampar So Much To Dew Day Cream (its ultra-hydrating formula is ideal for dry and dehydrated skin) gently into the face, which will help boost blood circulation and stimulate lymphatic drainage, but don’t be overly aggressive and stretch the skin, which will only disrupt the barrier function and may increase inflammation, particularly if you’re already prone to sensitivity or acne (try Dr Hauschka Melissa Day Cream, a blend of lemon balm and witch hazel, made specifically for combination skin). If your moisturiser is specifically labelled as a day or night cream, don’t use them at any other time; day creams are usually lighter, while night creams often have more active ingredients that work best with the skin’s natural overnight renewal process. Moisturiser is the last step in your routine, and should only be followed by sunscreen or if your applying make-up.