Linen Duvet & Quilt Covers

Rest in bed at the end of a long day and wrap yourself up in a soft linen duvet cover. At EziBuy, we've got a range of patterns and styles for your bedroom!



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  Linen is the perfect fabric for your duvet set - soft and lightweight while still offering plenty of warmth and cosiness!

Our range of linen quilt covers come in striking colours and patterns as well as softer palettes, so you can create the look you’ve always wanted in the bedroom.

Choose an all-white linen duvet cover as the perfect blank canvas you can design the rest of your decor around. Or go for a linen quilt cover rich in colour to make it the centrepiece of your room.

Our linen covers are available from queen size to super king size and come with two pillowcases to match. But don’t stop there - add additional flourishes to your bed with extra cushions and a gorgeous throw. Browse our collection of linen duvet covers to transform your bedroom today!