How can I layer different fragrances?
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Perfume is already one of the most personal things you can wear (if you're using it right, others have to get quite close to inhale it), but you can make it even more bespoke by layering different scents to arrive at something that is uniquely you. "Traditionally, Middle Eastern fragrances have always been layered, and [there are certain fragrance] brands that are specifically marketed to be layered and customised," explains fragrance writer and perfumer Ainslie Walker (@scentsmith). Here's what else you need to know...


If it's your first time layering perfumes, "I wouldn't recommend layering two complex fragrances – instead, try a couple of more linear samples," she says. The easiest way to do this: look for fragrances with just a few notes (you can usually tell from the name of the perfume: if it mentions an ingredient, like rose, then chances are it's a relatively simple composition).


Aquatic and citrus fragrances, like Versace Eros Pour Femme, tend to evaporate much faster than other fragrances, due to their lighter top notes, but you can try using a fragrance with heavier base notes, such as Jean Paul Gaultier Classique EDP, which has sandalwood and vanilla base notes, to anchor these lighter fragrances and prolong their staying power, says Walker.


If your favourite fragrance is more night-appropriate, Walker says you can spray that on your skin (it will stay close to you, so you can enjoy it all day) and a brighter, more office-friendly scent on your clothing. And if you're looking to balance something overtly pretty, such as a sweet or floral scent, like the Miu Miu Duo Set, try layering it with something woodier, like Paco Rabanne Lady Million EDP, to balance it out.