How can I use fragrance to scent my home?
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You've got the flowers and food sorted - but what about fragrance for your home? It's easy scent different parts of the house, and makes for a more magical, memorable evening. We asked fragrance writer and perfumer Ainslie Walker (@scentsmith) for her best tips on how to fragrance each space. "Try lighting your diffuser and candle about an hour before your guests arrive," she suggests. Then relax, and have fun.


"To mask or minimise food smells without competing with them, I like citrus, mint and fig, in my kitchen," says Walker. Try Circa Home 1993 Cara Cara Orange Fragrance Diffuser, which features a juicy aroma of orange, black currant and oakmoss, and Glasshouse Florence Candle, a stunning fruity, floral blend.


"Floral orientals, sensual ambers, and white flowers, like orange blossom and tuberose, are my picks for the bedrooms," notes Walker. Go for a triple treat with MOR Belladonna Fragrant Candle, which pairs lily of the valley with musk, amber and patchouli, or Circa Home 1981 Neroli & Vanilla Scented Melts, an intriguing blend of orange blossom, incense and vanilla, and the amber and orchid scented Glasshouse Rendez-Vous Candle.


If the bathroom is just for bathing and hand washing, Walker suggests the same fragrance notes as those found in the bedroom; if, however, "there is a toilet in there, I would add some aromatic options, as well," she says. Try placing Circa Home 1961 Jasmine & Magnolia Fragrance Diffuser on the windowsill, or Glasshouse Flower Symphony Candle along the bathtub, and the gardenia, chamomile and avocado-oil enriched MOR Emporium Classics Snow Gardenia Hand & Body Wash by the sink.