For the crafty individual

Our hand crafted tree has proven to be very popular! So for all of you clever DIY’ers we have pulled this together to show you how its done...

Here’s our guide on how to make a simple hanging tree

You will need:

*Please note you can adjust these measurements to your own personal preference depending on how large you want your tree to be. This guide creates a tree with the largest piece of wood being 72cm long and a height of 84cm.

Step 1
Cut your piece of wood into 6x pieces and arrange them in order from smallest to largest.

Piece 1 - 12cm
Piece 2 - 24cm
Piece 3 - 36cm
Piece 4 - 48cm
Piece 5 - 60cm
Piece 6 - 72cm

Step 2
Place the pin on the wall space you wish to hang your tree (It is easier to build the tree whilst it is upright and hanging). Start with a 3m piece of string. At the centre of the piece of string tie a knot with a loop. Hang the loop from the pin you have fixed to the wall.

Step 3
Take the smallest piece of wood which will be the top layer of your tree. Measure 14cm down the left side of the string, wind it around your piece of wood twice and tie a knot to fix its position. Do the same for the right side of string, measuring 14cm down, winding it around the other end of your smallest piece of wood twice and tieing a knot.

Step 4
Repeat step 3 for your remaining pieces ensuring each piece of wood is 14cm apart from the other.

Step 5
Cut off any hanging strings from the bottom piece of wood. Then dab craft or PVA glue onto your fixed knots to ensure the string holds its place.

Step 6
Once the glue has dried you can decorate your tree!