Styling Advice for All Body Types

The fact that swimsuit season is just around the corner is a cause for celebration! It means it’s time to pick out a new bathing suit or three for the summer. Naturally, you want to feel comfortable in your new bikini set or one-piece swimsuit, but that’s only going to happen if you find the right swimsuit to make you feel good and give you a boost in confidence. In this swimwear guide, we’ll give you an overview of everything you need to know when shopping for a swimsuit - plus a little something extra: a swimwear care guide to keep your bathing suit looking better for longer!

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If you’re a little flummoxed by the different styles of swimwear out there, then you’ll love this handy guide, which outlines the popular swimwear styles for women. You’ll find descriptions on everything from high waist bikini bottoms to bandeau bikini tops, skirt bottoms to the latest one-piece swimsuit fashions, to ensure you hit the beach or pool your way.

It’s a crying shame when you buy the bikini or swimsuit of your dreams, only for it to lose its shape or fade a few months later. But how do you keep swimwear looking and feeling great? This care guide can help answer that question, with information about the best ways to wash your swimwear, popular care tips and a rundown of common swimsuit materials.

In this section, we offer exclusive swimsuit styling advice based on different body types. Whether it’s to hide your stomach, find the right swimsuit for pregnancy, disguise bigger thighs or avoid sunburn, our guide provides some guidance to help you find the swimsuit you’ve been searching for.