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Tall ladies, rejoice! Next's Tall clothing collection is tailor made just for you. Find dresses, jackets, pants, and skirts in stylish designs and sizes made for a taller physique.



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Your frustrating searches for clothes that fit right are over. Our Next Tall clothing collection combines contemporary styles with fits tailor-made for taller women.

With Next Tall pants, you'll get longer leg lengths. No more unintentional cropping! Now you can enjoy your capri trousers, skinny jeans, jeggings, and crop jeans as they were always meant to be worn.

And not every skirt and dress will be instantly turned into mini skirts and dresses! Enjoy longer fits that provide the coverage you need for your longer legs. You'll still have the same stylish fits and designs, just in the lengths you've always needed.

Once you discover the Next Tall clothing range, you won't be able to go back! Enjoy hassle-free shopping and easy 30 day returns at EziBuy today.