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Womens Cardigans

The perfect lightweight layer! In a variety of textures and patterns, our cardigans will keep you warm and complete your outfit with a modern, stylish touch.


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Shop our range of cardigans for a must-have piece that is great for layering and goes with every outfit. Cardigans are the perfect trans-seasonal piece. In the summer a light cardigan is great for pairing with your dress while in the winter our woollen options are great for layering. Keep warm in the evenings by pairing a bolero cardigan with your eveningwear. Whether you’re wearing a cocktail dress or a blouse and pants, a bolero is the perfect option. For something cosy and comfortable, knitted cardigans are perfect. You’ll find our range of women’s knitted cardigans with our knitted top so while you’re there you can browse tops and sweaters too. You’ll also find merino wool cardigans in our range of merino wool tops. Lightweight and soft, they’re luxurious pieces that are great for keeping your warm and cosy. In dozens of different styles, materials, colours and patterns, our range of cardigans is huge so we’re sure to have the one you’re after. Different styles of cardigans go great with different outfits. Longline and drape cardigans look great with jeans and a tank top. While cropped styles go well with dresses, classic button-up cardigans will work with any outfit. The great thing about cardigans is they’re so light you can easily throw them in your handbag for later in the day. They’re brilliant for travelling as most of the fabrics don’t crease. Cardigans are extremely versatile – they’re perfect for relaxing at home, keeping warm at the office or running errands on the weekend. If cared for properly, cardigans wear well; wash them by hand with cold water and keep them folded rather than hanging. For the ultimate winter fashion, you can’t go wrong with a great cardigan. Peruse our range for a variety of styles that will be great in your wardrobe.