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Like a tall drink of water, these hydrating helpers will quench even the thirstiest skin, leaving it plump and happy.

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Try: Blessed by Nature Deep Cream Cleanser

If your skin is feeling tight post-cleanser, it's a sign that your natural oils are being stripped away. Steer clear of foaming and gel cleansers, and instead try milks, micellar waters and creams, which will gently remove dirt, debris and makeup, and condition your complexion at the same time.


We're loving: Natio Rosewater Hydration Antioxidant Serum

Just like you dress in layers to stay warm in winter, think about using multiple moisturizing products to quench parched skin. A hydrating serum loaded with ingredients like hyaluronic acid or nourishing oils, can get right down into the layers of the skin and trap moisture where it’s needed.


We recommend: Endota Organics Deep Hydration Face Moisturiser

Upgrade your moisturiser and choose a super-charged hydrator with barrier repairing and strengthening ingredients, like ceramides (which can help plug in any gaps between skin cells), glycerin (it pulls water from the atmosphere and draws it into your skin), and hyaluronic acid (which can hold up to 1000x its weight in water).


Try: Sampar Oils in One

If your face still feels dry, finish with a layer of oil. Warm a few drops between the palms, then either press the oil into skin, or give yourself a mini facial and massage it in. Tip: If you feel dry throughout the day, pat a little oil over makeup (your skin will look dewy, too).


We're loving: Priori LCA fx160 2xfoliant Peel and Scrub

Now is not the time to skip exfoliation. Those flaky patches need to be buffed away from the skin’s surface in order for your hydrating serums, moisturisers and oils to penetrate the skin. But don’t overdo it: once a week, using a gentle sugar scrub or lactic acid chemical exfoliant, is plenty.


Try: Dr Hauschka Lip Balm

There are no oil glands in the lips, which is why they are prone to dehydration. Gently exfoliate flakes using a lip scrub, soft toothbrush, or hot washcloth, and then load up with a conditioning balm, reapplying as often as needed throughout the day, and again before bed.


We recommend: Black Chicken Love Your Body Oil

It's tempting, but don't forget what's happening below the neck. As soon as you step out of the shower, work a thick body butter, balm or nourishing oil into those scaly limbs while skin is still damp - this helps trap the water that's on the skin's surface for an added moisture boost.