Soothing ingredients to keep your skin calm
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Skin sensitivity is increasingly common. And we're all likely to or have experienced some of the uncomfortable side effects: dryness, inflammation, redness, itching. But reactive skin is still possible to treat, with a bit of TLC. The latest, clever formulas work to build resilience and strength in skin, so it can better tackle what's coming at it. Here are the essential ingredients that sensitive skin should be incorporating into a routine.


Sulfates are the ingredients that give skincare its lovely lather. But for sensitive types, these ingredients can be too harsh and drying. Instead, switch to an oil-based cleanser that doesn't over-strip already stressed-out skin. Try: Black Chicken Remedies Cleanse My Face Oil Cleanser.


During times of skin sensitivity, any good dermatologist will advise eliminating fragrances as a matter of priority, especially synthetic ones. The smart step, is to find a potent serum intent on restoring equilibrium. They're concentrated formulas that stay on the skin, so look for something which is going to calm the complexion, not add to the irritation. Try Dr Hauschka Soothing Intensive Treatment which has black tourmaline in it, to soothe skin. Or add the simple, effective The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% B5 before moisturiser, morning and night.


A soothing, reparative rich cream can be a fix-all for sensitive skin that is really suffering. Layer it generously to act as a barrier from elements. Try Weleda Baby Calendula Face Cream, which is formulated to treat the most delicate of skin - that of a baby. It has calendula, a powerful calming ingredient, plus lanolin and organic almond oil, which provide a gentle barrier from moisture loss.