Who doesn’t love to rest back in bed with a cosy pillow behind them. But it can be hard to find the perfect pillow to match your sleeping style. With EziBuy’s range of pillow inners, you’ll easily find the exact style you’ve been looking for.



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  Our selection of pillow inners and protectors will cover all your needs, whether you prefer hard or soft pillows or need a hypoallergenic option.

If you're after a moisture-wicking pillow that regulates heat to guarantee a comfier sleep, you'll love the Sonar Pillow Inner, designed with a breathable cotton outer and with thermal balancing.

Our memory foam pillows are the height of luxury, moulding their shape to your head to ensure you have a comfortable, restful sleep. Even better, they're hypoallergenic, a great option for those with sensative skin. For more advice, check out our Pillow Guide.

Go to bed knowing you’ll have the perfect night's sleep every night of the week with our range of pillows. For the ultimate in bedroom luxury, be sure to pair your pillow with our cosy duvet inners and stylish pillowcases as well!