Cookut’s creed is simple: making homemade food is good for you, good for your community and also good for the planet. Cooking at home means saying no to the excesses of the agri-food industry by selecting healthy, natural, seasonal ingredients from sustainable agricultural sources. Read more...

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Cooking is also a way to take pleasure in pleasing others, and pass on traditions. Cooking is taking truly meaningful action for your health, our society and the planet.

That is why Cookut’s mission is to inspire as many people as possible to rediscover the pleasure of «cooking at home» by creating efficient, fun, and environmentally friendly utensils. We do our best to further this goal every day by respecting our values of transparency and social responsibility while working in a relaxed atmosphere.

To change the world, cook at home! Cookut provides financial support to beekeepers throughout France.

Every year, Cookut’s hives welcome over 500,000 bees!