Wooden Pegs – 6 Different Ways You Can Use Them

Keeping your home on trend doesn’t have to cost the earth, and Ezibuy’s wooden pegs are proof of that!

Designed with an artisanal approach, the rubber timber and real leather Barker Wall Pegs provides a functional yet stylish wall hanging option for anywhere in the home.

These pegs are super versatile, so you can get creative and make them work for all types of uses in different spaces in your home or office. Here are just 6 suggestions that we’ve put together for using the wooden pegs in your home:

1. Laundry
The laundry is often the space in the house that we put the least amount of thought into. We often consider practical features, but neglect to add much in terms of style or detail. To be fair, it’s not a space we want to spend a lot of time in! But that doesn’t mean it can’t have a little personality. The Barker Wall Peg is the perfect way to do it. As laundries are generally smaller spaces, space is of course at a premium. You can affix your wooden pegs wherever suits – be it on the wall, above the washer, or behind the door to give you an extra option for hanging items out of the way.

Wooden Pegs - Homeware

2. Kids room
Because you can put the wooden pegs at whatever height you want, they’re the perfect option for your kids’ bedroom or playroom. They’re ideal for hanging coats, hats, bags or small blankets, keeping them out of the way but within easy reach for your young ones. As your little ones grow, the height of your pegs can move along with them. Instead of simply hanging them in a straight line, get creative with your placement, for example diagonals, V-shapes or zig-zags, and your kids will love it.

3. Entranceway
Is your entranceway a dumping ground for shoes, handbags, school bags, coats and umbrellas? This is one space in the home that can be a real challenge to keep neat and tidy. Traditional hat racks are handy, but not always a practical solution in the space. The Barker Peg is a great alternative. They are unobtrusive and complementary to many decors, so won’t dominate a smaller space such as an entranceway.

4. Bedroom
There are myriad ways for making use of these timeless wooden pegs in your bedroom. You know ‘that’ chair where everything usually ends up? Well these pegs are your solution for keeping it clear! Whether it’s around your dresser or wardrobe or an addition to an ensuite bathroom, they’re handy for scarves, hats, small bags, coats and throws. The leather feature also perfectly complements the Barlow Scarf Holder or Brooklyn clothing rail, if you need to create some additional clothes storage space in your bedroom or wardrobe. Again, a little creative placement and you’ll also create a trendy but practical feature for your room.

5. Hallway or wall space
The pegs – which come in a set of three – are a simple yet stylish addition for any wall space that could do with a decorative piece for a bit of added interest. Use them to hang small wall planters and all kinds of home ornaments for a visually pleasing (and also useful!) alternative to storage.

6. Bathroom
The bathroom is another room in the home where we’re often short on space. Storage solutions are a necessity in the bathroom, but it can be hard to find the right option depending on how much room you have to play with. Keep towels, face cloths, and robes out of the way and the space clutter-free with the Barker wooden pegs on the wall.

Complete with wall fixtures for hanging, these handy hanging pegs marry timeless design, practicality and quality to make them a versatile addition to any space in your home.

They’re also great for office common areas or guest waiting rooms; they’re practical when you need storage space, but stylish enough to be a feature on their own when not in use!

Barker Wooden Pegs

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