A scarf adds warmth and changes the look of your otu
A scarf adds warmth and changes the look of your otu

Your Go-to for Winter Should Be The Trusty Scarf

A trusty scarf adds warmth and changes the look of your outfit
A trusty scarf adds warmth and changes the look of your outfit

When winter comes around, it pays to be prepared for all sorts of temperatures – you should always have a trusty scarf handy.

Accessories such as a trusty scarf always help to lift your look in winter, especially if you’re the type to become attached to a certain outfit, and are the perfect way to add extra warmth when you need it. Accessories allow you to get away with wearing the same staple pieces but have you looking like you’ve completely changed up your look.

Winter presents an array of layering options when it comes to clothing and how to revamp your wardrobe. Think slouchy socks at home, knitted tights for a cold night out, beanie hats for ultimate streetwear style and a comfortable scarf to fit whatever the occasion might be. When we talk scarves these days, we don’t just mean the plain straight line of fabric that sits evenly over your shoulders. Our options now are plentiful, from bright pashminas to oversized knit infinities, with an endless number of ways to wear a scarf.

With this in mind, one of your absolute go-to accessories for winter should be the trusty scarf.

Get clever with your scarf and you’ll be warm and on trend all winter long. If you’re feeling like you’ve found a scarf you love, but can’t quite master the perfect look, make sure you check out our five different ways to wear a scarf so that you can create a range of looks before the winter cold well and truly sets in.

Pinterest and fashion blogs are also a good starting point to seek out ideas for how others are wearing their knitted winter scarves, however it’s easy to feel like you’re abilities don’t match up. Never fear, we’ve got you covered!

The Throw Over

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For a simple and classic over the shoulder look, you’ll need an oblong scarf. Oblong scarves can be found in all sorts of different fabrics and colours. Fringing, crimped, patterned? Whatever it is you’re after, this is one of the most popular styled scarves around.

● Make the ends of the scarf uneven
● Put the scarf around your neck leaving one side longer than the other
● Take the side that is longer and grab it about 1/4 from the end of the scarf and throw it over your shoulder, this is the step that will give your scarf a nice drape

The Snood

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Using an oblong scarf, you can also create a simple style commonly known as the tuck under, this creates more of a snood look with your scarf and is sure to keep your neck nice and toasty.

● Take the middle of the scarf and place it against your neck
● Then take each end of the scarf and wrap it around your neck bringing it to the opposite side
● Next take each end of the scarf and tuck it over and under the loop around your neck
● Adjust to make the ends even in the front

The Uptown Wrap

The uptown wrap is an on trend way to wear your scarves during the winter, you’ll also need an oblong shaped scarf, and perhaps a pin if you want to secure the style for all day wear.

● Take the scarf and wrap it around your back and shoulder
● Make sure to make one side longer than the other
● Next bring the longer side over to the shoulder of the shorter side
● Overlap the two sides of the scarf, secure with a pin if necessary

The Poncho

We’re all familiar with the good old poncho. It’s common now to see tops and jackets in a poncho style in stores, however the poncho style is just as easily created with a scarf. Choose a blanket style scarf that you love, this is one that is in more of a square style shape than the typical oblong scarf.

● Fold the scarf in half
● Put the scarf around your shoulders leaving one side longer than the other
● Take the long side and pull it over your shoulder
● The key is to make sure the corner of the long side of the scarf is centered mimicking the look of a poncho
● Once you have that, tuck the longer side (the opposite corner than the one pointing down like a poncho at the bottom) of the scarf under the shorter side to secure it

The Blanket

Again, the blanket style scarf is the perfect accessory in order to create the handkerchief look. It probably doesn’t sound overly glamourous, but when tied correctly, this style is one of the most popular and effortless ways to look like a scarf pro.

● Fold the scarf into a big triangle
● Hold out the two ends of the triangle you made and wrap them around your neck bringing them to the opposite side
● Pull the two ends to adjust the length and drape of the mid-section of the scarf

There are so many more ways to tie a scarf, but these are some basics to get you started. Not only are scarves a fabulous way to keep you warm throughout the winter, but if you master the different ways they can be worn, you’ll find that they can also be transitioned through the seasons and even into summer. Choosing scarves in different fabrics and patterns will make a huge difference to your overall look. Get experimenting for your most exciting accessory adventure to date!

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Do you have any trusty scarf-tying secrets you could share? Post them in the comments below.

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