On trend: knitwear with white pants. Style 149021
On trend: knitwear with white pants. Style 149021

Winter Knitwear: 8 Ways you can wear it this Winter

Winter knitwear - let's get warm!
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Cardigans, jumpers, tunics, tops, ponchos, wraps; which colour and in which style…the list goes on! With so much knitwear to choose from we thought we would bring a little more clarity to the cosy winter knitwear category.

It can be tricky to know where to begin given all the different colours, styles, and materials on the market these days. A good place to start is to consider the shape or style of the winter knitwear and if it will suit your body shape. Next consider the colour of knit that will best suit you and what you already have in your wardrobe, and finally consider what fibres the knit is made from.

Shop the look: Capture Lambswool Longline Cardigan in 100% Lambswool, Capture Straight Leg Zip Cord, Capture Crew Neck in 100% Merino wool.

Longline cardigans are a major trend this season and they’re great for elongating your body especially when paired with heels; if you’re concerned that your waist is getting lost, add a thin waist belt to accentuate your curves. This Raspberry Sorbet colour is sure to brighten your day and is made out of 100% lambswool ensuring softness and warmth.

Shop the look: Capture 100% Merino Split Hem Tunic, Capture Control Full Leggings, and Loafers.

For the ultimate comfort, layer one of our knitted tunics with leggings and flats. This casual look will cover the hip area and show off your legs simultaneously. This Marigold tone adds an element of fun to this 100% Merino wool style.

Shop the left look: Capture Lambswool Poncho in 100% Lambswool, Capture Wrap Front Top, Capture Straight Leg Zip Cord Pant. Shop the right look: Sara Knit Wrap in a Wool/Mohair blend, Sara Straight Leg Corduroy Pant, Sara Merino Layering Crew Neck in 100% Merino.

If it’s coziness that you’re after then the poncho is one style to look at. Try this look in a classic camel colour in 100% lambswool or striped autumnal tones in a wool and mohair blend; pair with slim fit pants for balance.

Shop the left look: Emerge Sleeveless Knit in a wool/alpaca blend, and Emerge Faux Suede Legging. Shop the right look: Grace Hill Woman Sleeveless Cashmere/Merino blend Cardigan, Grace Hill Woman Layered Tunic, and Sara Bengaline Pull On Cuff Pleat Detail Pant

For a trendier look try a sleeveless knit. These styles look great with jeans or a pencil skirt and ankle boots. These moody styles are made from a warm alpaca and wool blend and a cashmere and wool blend.

On trend: knitwear with white pants. Style 149021
On trend: knitwear with white pants. Shop the look: Capture V Neck jumper in a wool/alpaca blend, Capture Smart Pants, and Classic Stock Court Shoe

Neutrals are a great investment as they go with everything! This V neck style is made from an alpaca and wool blend and can be paired back with pants, jeans, or a skirt, add heels to elevate the look.

Shop the left look: Emerge Cardigan in an alpaca/wool blend, Emerge Drop Hem Tunic, Emerge Faux Suede Legging, and Emerge Shorty Ankle Boot. Shop the right look: Sara Cable V Neck in alpaca/wool blend, Sara Faux Suede Front Skirt, Wide Fit Albert slipper, and Crossbody Bag

Suede provides great textural contrast with knitwear. This cardigan and v neck jumper are both made from an alpaca and wool blend that looks great paired back with our faux suede skirt and leggings.

Shop left look: Grace Hill Crew Neck in a cashmere/merino blend, Grace Hill Signature Slim Pants. Shop middle look: Sara Lambswool Crew Neck in 100% Lambswool, Sara Midi Skirt, and Dress Bootie. Shop right look: Emerge Longline Knit in 100% Merino, Next Silver Cluster Long Necklace, and Emerge Zip Detail Pant.

Classic crew necks will never lead you astray whether they are in pastels, neutrals or bright jewel tones. This rose Grace Hill Knit is made from a beautiful cashmere and merino wool blend. At a lower price point are these Sara and Emerge styles in 100% lambswool and 100% merino wool.

Shop the look: Capture Merino Pant in 100% Merino, Capture Ballet Waterfall Cardigan in 100% Merino, Capture Linen Raglan Tee and Essential Sneaker.

Don’t forget your bottom half! These 100% merino joggers are perfect for off duty style and with the 100% merino striped ballet cardigan you’ll be toasty warm.

Will you be wearing winter knitwear this coming season? Do you like the feel of merino on your skin?

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