Go Green with fresh and colourful clothing
Go Green with fresh and colourful clothing

How to: Wear Green Clothes

Go Green with fresh and colourful clothing

Ditching the black, grey and navy outfits that are our go-tos throughout the winter can be hard, but it’s time to brighten things up with green clothes!

Green is bang on trend at the moment, and as there are a lot of different ways to do green, it all comes down to the shade you choose. You might feel that green is not a colour that you are usually drawn to. However, with such a range of hues – from bright greens and emerald tones, to khaki and olive – chances are there is one that will suit you. The trick is figuring out which shade is right for your colouring, and then mix and matching with the rest of your wardrobe accordingly.

Finding Green Clothes
Green is often considered a challenging shade to wear and this probably comes down to the fact it doesn’t scream ‘femininity’ like some other colours. However green can be seriously sophisticated and certainly feminine when worn well and paired with the right accessories.

Green strikes the eye in such a way as to require no adjustment whatever. What you see is what you get. It has for a long time symbolized balance, and is an earthy and reassuring colour when looked at on a primitive level.

If you’re weary about introducing green fashion to your wardrobe, try a more subtle garment with hints of green, rather than one block colour. Pattern can be a great way to introduce new colours. Once you’ve adjusted and worn the colour enough to make you feel comfortable, then you can rock out with your braver and bolder selections.

How to Rock It
Paired with neutral colours such as beige, brown, black and white, green looks best with something that tones it down a notch. It’s a good idea to stay away from pinks or reds (unless of course you’re headed to a Christmas party).

Try wearing some khaki coloured pants instead of denim. Pair your new green pants with a crisp white top for relaxed daytime hangs or throw on black instead to go with a black pair of killer heels. The khaki will break up your outfit and provide an interesting yet sophisticated on trend look.

A dress is also a pretty safe option if you’re new to wearing green, as you don’t have to find another colour that works with it. Pop on a dress and you’re ready to leave the house!

A Cool Change
Wearing colours you don’t often wear may attract comment from those who see you regularly, they might think something is different but not be able to figure out quite what it is. Take this as a compliment – a fresh wardrobe change can see you looking more confident and refreshed!

Be brave, be bold, and step out in green clothes! Once you try it, you’ll start to love it.

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