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Warmer Winter Activewear – Get your Sport on!

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We know it can be hard to motivate yourself to keep active in the cooler months, especially when there’s a cosy couch/bed calling your name so we have put together a guide on warmer winter activewear to keep you motivated and cosy. No excuses this time!

Keeping active in winter always seems to be that much harder than in summer when the sunshine is beckoning you outside, but there are a number of benefits to staying active during the colder season and putting on winter activewear. Being active is a great way to warm up, get that heart rate going and you are guaranteed to increase your body temperature; it also gives you a head start on getting in shape for summer, they do say that bikini bodies are made in winter.

During a University of Colorado study, researchers found that during winter a group of 12 women and 6 men produced almost double the amount of ATPL, a chemical that promotes fat storage. They also found that those who remain active throughout the colder months were less susceptible to weight gain (makes sense doesn’t it).

Diminished sunlight exposure in winter can lead to lower levels of serotonin (the happy chemical) in the brain which can lead to sweet carb cravings as once digested they raise your levels of serotonin. To ward off the cravings we suggest trying to eat healthy carbohydrates (such as vegetables, whole fruits, and whole grains) in the afternoon and getting out in the sun when you can! Being active in the outdoors naturally lifts your mood and serotonin levels, helps clear your head of the day’s stresses, and provides great distractions to take your mind off your work out.

Avoiding getting stuck in the vortex that is your couch can be half the battle! So don’t allow yourself to sit down on the couch when you have finished for the day, instead go put your activewear on and get out there straight away. You’ll be more motivated if you treat your workout like another job to do before you relax. Alternatively you can start your day with your workout – it can be hard to wrench yourself out of the cosy cocoon that is your bed but starting your day off with exercise increases your energy levels for the rest of the day.

With the right gear it’s never too cold to workout! Make sure you dress warmly but start off cool as you will naturally warm up during your exercise. Do your warmup, stretching, and cooldown indoors to protect yourself if necessary. As moisture is drawn away from your body so is your bodyheat so making sure you wear the right gear to keep you warm is important. Layering is your best friend for this reason – start with a singlet top or tee for working up a sweat and add a long sleeve top to keep warm afterwards throw on a puffer vest and/or jacket if it’s really cold (looking at you Melbourne and Christchurch!). Jackets can be handy as you can take it off and tie it around your waist if you overheat.

Having great workout gear helps motivate you to get out there and get moving. The confidence boost you get when you look and feel great definitely translates into your workout – you push yourself that much further. Shop our winter activewear range here.

Winter activewear in punchy colours and patterns help to lift your mood, it is also a safer option at night when wearing black makes it harder for motorists to see you.

But then there’s alway the faithful monochrome colour palette that goes with anything and everything for your winter activewear wardrobe.

What do you love to do to keep active in winter? What’s your go to item to throw on to go for a walk with or without a furry companion?

Let us know in the comments section below and don’t forget to tag EziBuy in your activewear social media posts.

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