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Can’t Control your Wardrobe? Manage it with a Wardrobe App

Wardrobe App - Linda's Guide
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It was a Monday morning in April and I looked in my wardrobe and couldn’t see a thing I wanted to wear.

Which was kind of horrifying because I’d spent $500 on clothes on the Saturday just gone, but you know what it’s like – buying fabulous Winter garments when its still 20+ degrees outside doesn’t exactly solve this week’s problem.

I find Winter easy, I find Summer easy. It’s the in between seasons that are hard to manage and get really tiresome. Those garments do double duty both times of the year and can get pretty boring pretty quickly. I have often wished I had a computer system like Cher had in Clueless back in 1995. How easy getting dressed would be.

So, luckily its 2016 and while man hasn’t made it to Mars yet all sorts of apps for all sorts of crazy interests have been created and I was in luck. I googled “Best Wardrobe Management Apps”. There were plenty to choose from and it was very easy to spend a morning reading about other people’s experiences… Some I couldn’t try because I’m on a Android phone and they were only for Apple phones. Boo. But never mind. I spent the next Saturday trying out all the free apps I could find.

The features I liked the most were those where you could take a photo of a garment, add information about it, create outfits, save outfits and record when those outfits were worn. For an added bonus I appreciated being able to create Packing Lists – no more over packing for me.

Some apps were ugly or just too hard for me to use. Some only let you take photos of garments, others allow you to use downloaded images from websites. This is a great approach. All those lovely images taken by retailers like EziBuy. While you’re there, flick through for inspiration in how to build outfits.

Once you’ve decided which app appeals, it’s time to add styles to your app. First I photographed garments hanging against a white wall, or on my black sofa. Then I built a few outfits from those garments. I challenged myself to make at least 3 outfits with each garment. Then, whenever I bought something new I would follow the same process:

• What have I just bought from EziBuy
• How does EziBuy build outfits around that particular garment
• What do I already have in my wardrobe that looks a bit like that pant/top/shoe?

I tried and discarded around 10 apps and eventually paid the small amount to upgrade the app and lose the advertising. My chosen app has the ability to add a “season” to an outfit. So now, I lie in bed, filter on the season and chose an outfit from all the ones on my app.

Great reasons for a wardrobe app:

• Save time in the morning
• Remember that great outfit that really worked
• Think about packing for a holiday any time. Look back on past packing.
• Really figure out how much your wardrobe is costing, in total or each wear.
• Stop buying the same thing over & over. How many blue dresses do I really need?
• Repeat buy that top that’s worn out but got heaps of wear and was really useful!

Here are some wardrobe apps to try:

• Personal Closet – Android.
My personal pick: This app isn’t the most beautiful of the apps listed but I just loved the ability to track my wearing, add the price I paid and manage my own wardrobe categories. Over time I came to understand that some garments really do a lot of work in my wardrobe. It’s OK to thank them and replace them. Others are worn so infrequently that they are wasting space and need to go on eBay or Trade Me. Be gone space waster!
• Closet Space – iPhone & Android
• Stylebook – Apple
• Smart Closet – Android
• My Dressing – Android

Have you tried using a Wardrobe app before? Or will you try one of the above options. Let me know in the comments below how your experience goes!

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