Ostro Britomart

URBAN EATS: Ostro, Britomart, Auckland

Ostro Britomart

Best place to eat has got to be Ostro! Sarah from our creative team (Creative Group Head, GIRL Creative Agency, Melbourne) in Australia recommends Ostro in Auckland.

Ostro is one of the best restaurants I’ve dined at. They get absolutely everything right. Particularly the nature of the staff and their service. This is how fine dining should be – relaxed, friendly staff who know their stuff and want to share it, not turn their nose up at your queries. The sommelier gave us tastes at our table and when I described a taste incorrectly, he didn’t judge or correct me but rather simply recommended another palette. And he was spot on! And the wine wasn’t even expensive.

Apparently the chef is famous but of course, I’m Australian and have no idea who he is. The food is absolutely divine – such a unique take on Asian flavours. The atmosphere is lively with a fabulous view onto the port. Very seafaring urban.

Ostro: eat here!
Ostro’s Yuzu and passionfruit Bombe Alaska, High Tea for Two, Bluff Oysters and Grilled Reuben sandwich.

What would you suggest wearing here?
I dress up for anything but this place will accept you as you come. A relaxed atmosphere so I’d say smart casual. The Urban Jersey Dress is the perfect LBD that would look great anywhere. Team with heels to balance the loose fit and for added nighttime glam. Unless of course you’re lunching… in which case a statement flat.

What’s the pricing like?
It is Michelin star rated so is is on the higher end of the price spectrum but worth every penny!


What to wear to Ostro?
What to wear to Ostro? Casual chic. Shop tunic, pants and necklace.

More information: 52 Tyler St, Auckland, 1010 New Zealand – Website, Facebook

Have you been to Ostro? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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