Casual but Trendy Travel Outfits for Spring/Summer

Are you heading over seas? Looking for travel outfits to wear but want to stay trendy and comfortable?

Firstly, we would like to know where you’re going. We like to know these kind of things! Secondly, we have put together some charming step-off-the-plane-ready outfits for you. Knowing how much you love an adventure from your own gorgeous shores to the realms of adventure in Europe, we have your travel outfit planned for every destination.

Travel Outfits: Across the Tasman

Making the short trip to pay our Australiasian neighbours a visit or vice versa? Well, what more do you want from an outift than comfort, style, and versatility? This Capture maxi-dress has a loose fit making that 3 hour sit down a comfortable one. If you find yourself sipping champagne in the Koru lounge, or drinking coffee in the departure lounge, you can do so in some flattering on-trend stripes.

You might also find that Spring weather a little unpredictable, but living in the South Pacific you will be prepared. The white Capture blazer has a loose and feminine fit, and with it’s light linen and cotton blend it provides enough protection from that changeable aircraft temperature. This pair of aviators will give you the maximum straight-off-the-plane and out to lunch style.

Travel Outfits: Across the Continents

If there is one thing that is hard to balance when choosing your longhaul outfit it is the look that says “no I am not in my pyjamas, but yes I am going to be watching films, eating, and sleeping for the majority of this 27 hour flight”. Have no fear, because we have put together the blend of fashion and comfort that you’re after.

Combining the textures to avoid the pyjama set vibe, this elegant Grace Hill jumper and Emerge jogger allows your body to breathe while the black pant will cover up those turbulent wine and tomato pasta sauce spills. It won’t matter if you’re trying to doze with your head rested against the TV screen, or if you’re curled up in a tiny ball, your options will be aplenty with your outfits flexibility.

Travel Outfits: To more Domestic shores

Grace Hill Floral Shirt Dress
Grace Hill Floral Shirt Dress

With such a short flight in sight, it seems wasteful not to take the opportunity to jump on the ‘airport style’ bandwagon and splash out a little on your very own anytime-of-day outfit. With this Grace Hill botanical print shirt dress you have the length to cover up your knees, and a floaty fit for that added manoeuvrability giving you a stylish yet relaxed look about you. You can step off the plane ready for your breakfast, lunch, or dinner meeting looking as fresh as a sunny Spring day!

So there you have it, what do you think of our travel outfits?

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