Tips for Monochrome

This can be a trickier trend to pull off that it sounds! Sometimes black and white together can leave you feeling more like wait-staff and less like the fashionista you are!

As a personal stylist, piecing separates together to create an interesting and unique outfit is one of my favourite parts of the job! It’s where creativity and fun come to the forefront – and when you only have two shades, black and white, to work with, sometimes a little imagination goes a long way!

So here are my 5 expert tips on how to rock the monochrome trend!

Monochrome_11. Pick the dominant colour

The simplest way to look like a waiter when wearing monochrome is to go with a white top and black bottoms – so choose a colour, either black or white, that you want to feature more in your look and start there!

The look to the left is heavy on the black, with limited white – it’s cool, sophisticated and not at all restaurant-oriented.

2. Trim and piping is your friend

These Emerge pants are the perfect example of how a little bit of detail can take a piece from ordinary to extraordinary! You’ve already got monochrome built into one piece of clothing so you don’t need to work too hard to get the look.

GET THE LOOK: Emerge The Knit Blazer | Emerge Slouchy Linen Tee | Emerge The Sports Jogger

Emerge print skirt3. Try adding print

Print can help break up the starkness of black and white on its own. It can make the monochrome look a little softer.
I love this skirt from Emerge because even though it’s a print, it gives off the illusion that it’s grey… which leads to my next point.

4. Use shades of grey

Again, another way to soften the harshness black and white can sometimes have on your colouring. Grey is a subtle blend of the two shades, so it works with them.

GET THE LOOK: Emerge Slouchy Linen Tee | Emerge The Pleat Skirt

 Monochrome with colour

5. Add a hint of colour

This is how I love to do monochrome – with just a hint of colour! Still make black and white the dominant shades, but just add a pop of a bright, or strong colour (no pastels here please!) to compliment the black and white. Citrus is a sophisticated colour-match to black and white – keep your accessories in the monochrome theme and you’ve got a slightly more feminine version of this look.

GET THE LOOK: Grace Hill Silk Shirt Dress in print | T-bar heels in black

What I love about the monochrome trend is that everyone can wear it in a way that suits their own personal style. Whether you like the sporty-luxe look, or the more feminine styles, monochrome is a trend that’s here to stay so embrace it!

Do you love the monochrome look? How would YOU wear it? I’d love to know, tell me in the comments below.

Until next time,

Happy Shopping

Cait xoxo

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