Serving platters are a great way to update your kitchenware - chicken recipes
Serving platters are a great way to update your kitchenware

Tasty Chicken Recipes for Easter

Serving platters are a great way to update your kitchenware - chicken recipes
Serving platters are a great way to update your kitchenware

Easter is not only a fabulous time and excuse to spend quality time with family and friends, but it’s also the perfect opportunity to enjoy a delicious meal with fabulous food and drink. Creating a memorable meal doesn’t have to involve huge time or financial sacrifice. We’ve put together some simple, but delicious chicken recipes that would be perfect for the family Sunday lunch.

Chicken is a versatile meat that can be enjoyed in a huge number of ways. It’s a fabulous staple food that is tasty and nutritious. Cooking will always turn out better if you’re enjoying what you’re making, so be sure to select chicken recipes that excites you and something that you’re going to be pleased to have made.

You don’t need an elaborate, multi-course meal. In fact, often one-pot meals (such as soups or stir-fries) are just as delicious as using every other dish in your kitchen. People will be more satisfied with a few really well prepared dishes, than a display of food cooked with a lack of love or passion.

Keep positive. Cooking is more fun when it’s your choice, and not something you feel forced into. Close your eyes and visualize yourself as a successful cook. If you don’t see yourself as a natural in the kitchen, it can be really nice to go out and buy a bit of homeware. A couple of special things can make you feel much more at home in the kitchen.

It might be a couple of fabulous serving bowls that up the ante when you serve and present your meals. Perhaps you’re after an apron which gives you expressive freedom. You may prefer practical tools that make your time spent cooking easier. Think along the lines of a fabulous mixing spoon that helps to create the perfectly textured dish. A great pair of tongs is also fabulous to have to hand. Perfect for flipping food in a hot oven dish and also for serving hot food with precision. Homeware can be uniquely personal for a number of reasons and it’s always great to find something that speaks and works for you individually.

Small changes to the kitchen can make the whole cooking process a heap more convenient. Your homeware options are endless. Perhaps a new stainless steel pot, a slow cooker, a pressure cooker, a high-end knife, or some other gadget will bring more cooking options into range. A steamer for rice and vegetables helps lend you time where you need it. Even an easy to use can opener that removes the struggle from opening cans can be a true kitchen stress buster.

Instead of using recipes as instruction, rather use them as inspiration. Instead of becoming stressed because you’re lacking an ingredient, get creative and try alternatives. The fun of cooking, especially at Easter time, is that you’re allowed to be creative. Enjoy the aromas, colours, and textures of your food. Sample the foods as you cut and cook them. Sniff spices before you sprinkle them into whatever is on the stove. Learning to be creative in the kitchen is an especially useful skill, especially with chicken recipes which allow for so many different options.

If you’ve got a big group to prepare for, why not get one of your guests to come early and lend a helping hand. No doubt they’ll love to be involved and food prep is also a great opportunity to socialize, cooperate on a common task, and spend quality time together. When the tasks are shared, the workload is halved.

Be sure to make more food rather than not quite enough. Leftovers can always be freshened up with some new ingredients the following day. However, you do need to be careful with chicken recipes however that strict food safety and hygiene is followed.

A little bit of preparation before-hand will help to make an Easter meal for the family be one that they’ll all enjoy and remember. Remember to make your time in the kitchen as stress-free as possible. This might mean inviting a friend over to help you prepare. Maybe it means heading out to purchase a few practical homewares. Or you might prefer to splash out on fabulous serving bowls. If you’re happy in the kitchen, your Easter meal is bound to be a success!

What is your go-to Easter dish? Share below.

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