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From Beach to Street: Swimsuits That Can Do Both

Summer is the season of effortless and breezy outfits that can combine swimsuits with streetwear with ease.

We totally we believe that the ultimate summer style is the ability to rock one piece for two different occasions. Thanks to our resort collection, taking your swimsuits from the beach to dinner becomes that much easier.

Tankini Top
The tankini top is perfect for lying around on the beach, and with your favourite swimming brief, it makes a great, casual alternative to the one-piece. Because of its uncanny resemblance to your everyday tank top, it’s so easy to dry off and swap bottoms to take your outfit from sun baking to lunch. Check out the Quayside Woman Square Tankini Top, available in several colourways, making it that much easier to incorporate into your summer wardrobe.

Dress Swimsuit
Similar to the tankini top, the dress swimsuit is another great beach piece that resembles a classic summer wardrobe staple. Dry off in the sun after a frolic in the waves and head straight to brunch, no trip to the public bathrooms required! Our favourite is the Sara Dress Swimsuit.

One-piece Swimsuit
A new fashion favourite that has come out recently is the bodysuit, favoured for its ability to make a tucked in look seamless. Don’t spend extra money on a separate bodysuit this summer and reuse your one-piece swimsuit, such as the Quayside Woman Mesh Swim Suit. This one in particular makes it so easy to transition quickly from fun in the sun to a dinner date by the ocean.

Pair your swimsuits with our Sara Crinkle Kimono
Pair your swimsuits with our Sara Crinkle Kimono

Kimonos have been loved recently for its ability to complete any look. With its ability to lightly cover you up, it’s perfect for those moments when you want a little protection from the hot summer sun or cool nights. We love the Sara Crinkle Kimono.

Cover Up
A must have in your beach bag, a cover up gives you the ultimate coverage during the summer months without any added baggage. The perfect choice is the Sara Cold Shoulder Cover Up – this trend driven and effortless piece ensures that you are protected and looking great all summer long!

There you have it! 5 key summer pieces that can take you from beach to street in no time. Quite often there’s a cross over for shopping swimwear to shopping lingerie – learn more about shopping for lingerie and using the information for your swim pieces.

Have we got you convinced? Are you going to try out wearing your swimsuits out and about around town? Share your favourite ultimate summer transition piece from our Resort Collection in the comments below!

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