Menswear: BBQ Shirt

Summer BBQ’s

For many of us, summertime means socialising! Long, warm evenings present the perfect opportunity to pull out the BBQ, whip up some fresh salads and invite around family, friends, neighbours and colleagues for a casual get-together.

For us ladies, it’s also a chance to pull our favourite summer frock out of the wardrobe for a bright and cool look. But when it comes to menswear, how can we convince the men in our lives to move away from the singlets and flip flops and try something a little smarter for your evening event?

Let’s face it, as soon as the BBQ accessories appear out of hibernation, our blokes seem to think that footy shorts are a requisite for standing around the grill. They can find it tough to find clothes that keep them cool and comfortable while still looking put together. But us ladies know better! Here are a few hints for dressing your husband or partner for a smart summer event – without compromising his man-card!

Casual is the name of the game
Of course, BBQ are generally fairly casual affairs, and there is no need to put the pressure on for anything too dressy. Start with a smart, well-cut t-shirt and a tailored pair of shorts. Chinos, smart denim, or a summery print will add a touch of class when paired with a simple tee. If the barbecue is at the beach or by a pool, choose a pair of boardshorts that look smart enough to pass as an appropriate pair of shorts away from the water.

Step it up a notch
If the event is a celebration or special occasion, a more polished look might be necessary. A polo is the perfect balance of casual and class, or opt for a light, button-down cotton shirt with short leaves and cropped tails so that it can be worn untucked. Both will offer a smart yet summery look when paired with a pair of either light or dark chinos.

Choose colours wisely
It likely goes without saying that when the barbie starts sizzling, the boys will start yarning around the grill. With this in mind, your safest option is to choose hues that conveniently mask those inevitable splatters! If the sun is shining or humidity is high, he’ll also want to avoid dark sweat marks, so choose forgiving colours that keep him stain-free!

Putting his best foot forward
For very casual BBQ with close friends, there’s no need for anything other than simple footwear. A clean and tidy pair of flip flops is fine – just not that scuffed up, worn-down, paint-splattered pair that he loves! Leather sandals are a tidy alternative or for a slightly more dressy look, a pair of leather boat shoes are ideal. A simple pair of canvas tennis shoes are another tidy yet casual option – a basic white pair will go with anything and is a very versatile investment!

Cover up
If your man is keeping watch over the barbie, give him an apron to cover up to avoid hot splatters and greasy spills. There are plenty of options – from the plain and simple for more serious outdoor chefs, to fun novelty aprons that will give your guests a laugh.

Add some shade
If he’s under the sun, grab a stylish pair of sunglasses such as aviators to complement his outfit. A cap or even a cool fedora is essential if he’s cooking under the rays. Alternatively, if the weather isn’t playing ball and he still needs to get grilling under stormy skies, make sure he has a water-proof jacket handy!

Ultimately, all that will matter to him is that he’s comfortable and feels that he can be himself around his mates. So, now that you’ve got your husband or partner looking the part, it’s time to ensure his barbecue skills are just as impressive! This simple yet flavoursome beef marinade will keep everyone happy – tasty and healthy!

If you’re playing host, make sure you’ve got a good set of barbecue utensils all ready to go. There are plenty of practical yet stylish sets available – an ideal gift idea for Christmas or Father’s Day! The bloke in your life will no doubt tell you that a good barbie is all down to the skill of the person manning the grill, so let him enjoy his moment behind the tongs!

Do you have a no-fail marinade recipe or tips for a successful BBQ meal? Share your ideas or experiences below!

Menswear: BBQ Shirt

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