Suede the Fashion Trend of the Winter Season
Suede the Fashion Trend of the Winter Season

Suede: The Edit

There’s a new fabric to consider this season and many of us will remember it from bygone eras: Suede.

We’ve seen it all over the runways lately and know it’s not going anywhere in a hurry. From Jason Wu and Derek Lam to Chanel and Michael Kors; it seems everybody is on board with this ultra cool and distinctly retro trend of suede this season, and we are too.

Suede the Trend Report: Fashion from EziBuy
Jason Wu ready-to-wear & Poppy Delevingne at Michael Kors ready-to-wear

A form of leather, suede is crafted from the soft underside of the animal and is a more pliable form of fabric; ideal for gloves, jackets, shoes and bags. It has a brushed texture and is one of the harder materials to maintain, but with a few tips and tricks from us at EziBuy you’ll be rocking suede like a supermodel.

A step away from the 70’s era trend it used to invoke, suede has been given a fresh new look in the form of contemporary cuts and chalky new tones. We are seeing blues, purples, greys and greens in often soft hues but equally in bold and vibrant shades.

Suede the Trend Report: Fashion from EziBuy
Derek Lam Spring 2015 Ready-to-Wear Collection

Head-to-toe suede for those daring enough to try it, is taking this look to fashionable new heights – creating a fuller and more structured silhouette that shows just how far fashion has come in stepping outside of traditional rules and expected norms.

There are however, still some rules to follow when taking on the suede trend, for example: if you are going to rock a sued look all over the key is to blend at least one other fabrication to break your outfit up. With such a heavy material it’s all about striking the right balance with this look.

If you’re going for a suede dress and jacket make sure to pair a strappy shoe in contrast leather. Likewise, if you’re pairing an a-line suede skirt with a knee high suede boot be sure to keep the top half simple by finishing your look off with a simple cotton tee or chiffon cami.

It’s also important to treat your pieces well both before and after wearing it. Here are a few tips and tricks to make sure your suede looks great this season and lasts into the next:

1. Seal it Almost all shoe stores and pharmacies sell waterproofing spray, this is to be used on shoes but also works on skirts, jackets and any other form of suede. Give your garment a brush first with a clean and dry toothbrush and then spray away. Leave it overnight and repeat this process every couple of months.

2. Cleaning stains If the stain is fresh and wet pat it down with a dry cloth and applies a small layer of talcum powder or corn meal, leave it overnight and brush with a clean and dry toothbrush the next day. If the stain is dry however, lightly brush it with an emery board until the stain is gone or apply a small amount of vinegar to a dry cloth and dab lightly until the stain disappears.

3. Washing suede clothes All clothing does need to be washed and if you can’t be bothered taking your suede to the dry cleaners each time (who can?) it can be washed on a gentle cycle with a very mild detergent. Make sure to take it out before the spin cycle and squeeze (DO NOT WRING) as much water out as possible before laying it flat to dry. Once dry give the nap a brush with a clean lint brush or toothbrush to freshen the fabric up.

Don’t get too lost in the intricacies of this trend though; fashion is fun, so have fun with it. There are so many ways to incorporate this trend into your current wardrobe; below are just a few of our favourites right now.

Suede: The Fashion Trend Report from EziBuy
Kate Moss & Kate Bosworth wearing suede

Go all out 70’s like Miss Moss and combine it with fringe for a truly bohemian vibe. Keep it low key like Kate and opt for a suede ankle boot that can be worn season after season with simple denim jeans and skirts, give the look a sexy spin a la Kim Kardashian by pairing a thigh high boot with a mini-skirt. Or keep it classic 70’s like Alexa Chung in a suede a-line skirt that can be dressed up or down.

Suede: The Fashion Trend Report from EziBuy
Jessica Alba & Alexa Chung wearing suede

Of course, we can’t all afford the Saint Laurent jacket Kate Moss is wearing, nor do we have access to Jessica Alba’s stylists. We do however have a huge new range of suede pieces here at EziBuy to choose from and are loving the looks we’ll be putting together this season. From ladies boots and bags to trench coats, skirts and dresses, suede is making a killer comeback this season and you can get your hands on it too.

Browse our suede collection to see what’s on offer and just how to wear it and keep an eye on the latest catalogues, we have a lot more of this beautiful fabric coming your way this Autumn/Winter.

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