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Slouchy Chic: Your Perfect Winter Companion

Slouchy knit for a relaxed look
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The day that slouchy chic became a ‘thing’ is definitely up there as one of my favourites.

Ohh yes, an opportunity to be totally comfortable while still looking on trend is definitely a win in my books! Thank you, fashion gods! Let’s clear something up straight away – slouchy certainly doesn’t have to mean sloppy. Starting right back with the masters of slouchy chic, the Olsen Twins, the style has evolved into something that we don’t even have to be famous fashionistas to get away with in public.

This style is a particular favourite of mine over these colder months. It’s the perfect excuse to cover up in oversized slouchy knits and snuggly comfortable clothes, even when you’re not at home on the couch.

So how do you make this look work, without looking like you’ve just climbed out of a cave? Here is some inspo for you to work with:

Over-sized up top, skinny down below

Keep your slouchy outfit looking chic by pairing anything oversized up top with something slim fitting down below. Pairing skinny pants with a loose, oversized top will balance things out – while also making your legs appear slim and long.

Counter-balance is key

While I’ve mentioned above to pair big on top with skinny on the bottom – the reverse is also true if you want to switch it around. If you’re going for something loose and comfy like drop-crotch pants or joggers, then you’ll want to pair them with a top that is a little more fitted.

Embrace your slouchy winter knits

One of my favourite looks for winter – an oversized slouchy knit with skinny black pants and a pair of slip on loafers – so simply yet so stylish right now. I’m loving the variety of knits on offer right now – think off-the-shoulder with a pair of faux-leather pants, or v-necked sweater with distressed jeans and ankle boots, or a high-necked sweater with grey-black skinny jeans and black heeled ankle boots for a dressier look.

Perfect the ‘casual tuck’

Add a little more shape to your oversize look with a ‘casual tuck’. What’s that you ask? It’s pretty much what it sounds like: a loose tuck, either the whole way around or even just at the front on one side. It works particularly well with oversized shirts, where the front is tucked in but the back is left loose to hang, for a flattering silhouette.

Slouchy Chic: Oversized Knit + Midi Skirt

Slouchy Chic: Oversized Knit + Midi Skirt
Slouchy Chic: Oversized Knit + Midi Skirt + Sneakers

Pair with pleats

One look I’m digging this season is pairing my midi pleated skirt with an oversized knit or my bomber jacket. It’s feminine meets slouchy chic and it’s a versatile look that is working for a number of occasions! With a pair of flats it’s a cute look for a casual dinner out, or switch up with trainers for a comfortable weekend go-to outfit.

Upsize the accessories

Hey, why stop with your clothes with it comes to going oversize. Oversize knits add texture and statement to your outfit. For those fresh, sunny winter days, roll with a stylish pair of oversize sunglasses too – totally chic. Accessories in general can jazz up an otherwise casual looking outfit, if you’re worried about looking a little too laid back. A stylish clutch handbag will instantly give a slouchy chic outfit a dressier look.

Borrow your boyfriend’s look

While I’ve advocated for skinny jeans above, boyfriend jeans are a fashion favourite right now, too. To ensure you don’t look too ‘undone’, pair these with a loose fitting tee but a more tailored jacket such as a blazer – it’s a look that you can even get away with for a casual workplace outfit.

Go for flats

The finishing touch for a chic slouchy look is the perfect pair of flats. Whether that’s a pair of trainers, espadrilles or ankle boots, a versatile pair of flat shoes will complete that comfortable and carefree vibe.

So there you have it – absolutely no need to compromise on comfort in order to achieve an on-trend look this winter! Slouchy chic for the win! Plus BONUS – learn about that chunky slouchy knit you’ll be wearing here.

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