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A Little Bit About Sally Field One of Our Muses

Sally Field at the 2013 85th Academy Awards. Photo: Getty.
Sally Field at the 2013 85th Academy Awards. Photo: Getty.

I came across an article the other day with the headline – You won’t believe how old these stars really are!

It included a list of impressively ageless celebs, who have managed to maintain an age-defying appearance. Among them, was Sally Field, the award-winning American actress – and grandmother of five – who turned 70 in November last year. This Hollywood veteran impresses not only for her legacy of great on-screen performances, but also for her dazzling smile and her classic and sophisticated sense of fashion that gives her that enviable air of youthfulness.

A star from the start

Sally Field scored her very first role when she was fresh out of high school in 1965. The show was called Gidget, and although the series never made it past season one, Sally had won audience hearts and the star was already on the rise. In fact, she was so loved, that a new sitcom was created called The Flying Nun, giving Sally the leading role. Sally has shared that the transition from TV to film wasn’t an easy one, but in 1977 she was ready for her first crack at the big screen. She got her break starring in Smokey and the Bandit, and then later, in 1979, Norma Rae, for which she was to receive her first big accolade – an Academy Award for Best Actress.

This was just the beginning of a decades-spanning career that has been peppered with awards and recognition. While there are too many nominations to possibly list here, her most significant achievements include Golden Globe Award nominations for performances in Absence of Malice, Kiss Me Goodbye, Murphy’s Romance, Steel Magnolias and Lincoln. She received her second Oscar for Best Actress for her outstanding performance in Places in the Heart, in 1984, and just missed adding a third to her name with her nomination for the Best Supporting Actress for Lincoln.

After appearing in a wide range of films, Sally Field returned to her TV roots with a recurring role in medical drama, ER and then later Brothers & Sisters. Not surprisingly, her depiction of her characters in both shows won her much praise. She notched up two more awards for her efforts – the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series in 2001, and then later the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series in 2007.

Sally Field - Natural
Look 1: Cardigan, Jean, Scarf, Boot and Tee

A winner in the style stakes too

Her career has stood the test of time – as has her style. She has become somewhat of a style icon for women over 50, with her consistency in choosing outfits that, while being on-trend and express her personality, are flattering and age-appropriate. And with so many awards to her name, she’s had plenty of opportunities to dazzle on the red carpet – choosing a variety of gorgeous gowns, from classic black to bright and bold. Preferring to live an understated life where she can, her off-duty style is simple – she often opts for a pair of jeans, simple shirt and well-fitting blazer.

Sally Field - Sophisticated Yet Playful Look
Look 2: Tee, Necklace, Jacket, Skirt and Mules

A true leading lady

It’s not just in the fashion stakes that she sets a leading example, often providing a representative voice for older women in an industry that values youthfulness.

“I so believe that older women have tremendous value to their families, their community, their country, the world.”

And while she’s clearly a natural beauty, having grown up in the spotlight, Sally Field was not immune to the pressures facing the women of Hollywood, saying “I have never been beautiful in cliche terms… It took me a long time not to judge myself through someone else’s eyes.”

Of course, as women age, it can be hard to accept the changes to our looks and figures. But Sally is a great example of how embracing your looks and letting your personality shine – whatever your age – is what true beauty is really about.

“There are parts of me that I feel are beautiful, but they don’t have anything to do with my nose.”

It seems that aging with grace and humour is the winning combo for this gorgeous star!

Sally Field - Simple, understated look
Look 3: Saddle Bag, Loafers, Shirt, Jeans and Belt

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