Denim Ruffles: Summer Trend

Trend & Tips: Wear Ruffles, Don’t Let Yourself Get Ruffled!

We’re heading into that time of year when everything just starts to feel a little chaotic and you get ruffled. Our tip? Just wear ruffles!

We may feel that we start to feel like we don’t quite have a grip on things like we usually do, that we’re getting pulled in a few directions, and that we’ve got a lot to cram in before Christmas arrives. Feeling a little overwhelmed is normal, but when it starts to affect our mental health and impact on those around us, then it’s time to step back and take a closer look at how we’re coping and maybe just put on ruffles instead of being ruffled!

At a time when small hiccups can seem like big challenges, how do you try to stop yourself from sweating the small stuff? Here are our tips to ensure the only ruffles you experience this silly season are the ones on your new Christmas outfit!

Stay cool, calm and collected this summer Season: Denim Ruffles
Stay cool, calm and collected this summer season: Denim Ruffles

Get organised early
The best thing you can do to take the pressure off is to get yourself organised for the holiday season with plenty of prep time. Writing yourself up a checklist and allowing yourself plenty of time to check everything off will help ensure you not rushing last minute, or worrying about what you may have forgotten. And remember, Wonderwoman, you don’t have to do it all yourself, you know!

Avoid the crowds
There is nothing more testing at this time of year than shopping mall crowds and jam-packed carparks. With patience wearing thin, it can be easy to let small annoyances or hold-ups really get under our skin. Save yourself – and your fellow shoppers – and buy online instead. Shopping online in your PJs with a glass of wine sounds like a much better option than a late-night shopping dash.

Take time for yourself
Making time for yourself should not be considered a luxury. It’s essential for your own well-being. If you are not energised and feeling good, then you’ll have nothing to give to those you care about. If we’re tired, worn-out or feeling overwhelmed, we’re more likely to take it out on those around us, unnecessarily.

Whether your ‘thing’ is exercising, taking a bath, going to yoga, listening to music or taking a walk at the beach, or shopping for a new outfit, allow yourself the time and headspace to do it.

Get perspective
Don’t forget – this is a time of year when we give thanks and celebrate all that we are grateful for in our lives. While you’re busy worrying about Christmas table settings, others may have much bigger issues on their mind. While we all have challenges we must face, feeling gratitude for the positives in our life can help us get through the tougher times and remind us of what’s really important.

Give yourself – and others a break
When you’re starting to feel ruffled, take a moment to count to five. Take deep breaths and ask yourself – how necessary is it for me to react to this? Consider dealing with a situation from a place of empathy, rather than a place of irritation. Remind yourself that everyone is under pressure this year – some more than others – and a little kindness can go a long way or make a huge difference to someone’s day.

Don’t sweat the small stuff this silly season. With a few simple adjustments you can take the pressure off and enjoy the festive season without stress. What other tips do you have for not letting things ruffle you? Share them in the comments sections below.

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