Round Lola Basket

WIN> Round and Around and Around: We Love Round Things!

Our homeware team LOVE round mirrors, rugs, poufs, baskets… all the things!

So with that in mind, we’ve pulled together a little show and tell of all our favourite round things. Our homeware items can be used in your bedroom, bathroom, on the wall and in the lounge. They’re all quite versatile and neutral – meaning that it’ll be easier for you to work the pieces in with your existing interior design.

Rather than hard and sharp edges, benefits of round edges are known to be easier on the eye so it’ll give the room a softer focus. Our eyes are conditioned for round corners, as said by Anthony over at UX Movement: “Rounded corners are everywhere. And as children, we quickly learn that sharp corners hurt and that rounded corners are safer. That’s why when a child plays with a ball, most parents aren’t alarmed.”


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The Round Lola Baskets
Cute and Round: Lola Baskets

Check out our Round Homeware Edit below, but before you do – go in the draw to win a Lola Basket Set of 3 valued at $79.99. Just sign up to our weekly blog newsletter and you’ll go in the draw! These baskets are SO versatile. You can use them folded down flat by just pushing down the edges into the middle or use them as big baskets to hold anything you want!

We’ve used the baskets in our photos as indoor plant holders and towels, but you could use them to hold toys, clothing, books, toilet paper, laundry or for towels in the bathroom.

Are you curious to know how I use mine? I use my bigger sized Lola Basket to store my sewing fabric and my little one I use to store all my needles, threads, scissors and bobbins for sewing. Let’s not forget about the middle sized basket in my lounge! That one is just used to hold coffee table books and my wedding photo album.


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Eclipse Rug

Lewis Mirror, Rodney Console Table and Nola Duvet Cover
Lewis Mirror, Rodney Console Table and Nola Duvet Cover

We’d love to see how you style your homeware in your bedroom or in your lounge over on Instagram. Follow our special Homeware & Gifting Instagram account now. Don’t forget to tag us in your pictures: @ezibuyhome and #EziBuyHome!

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