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Q&A with Sara model, Ljubenka

We’re celebrating International Women’s Day with Q&A’s from influential women from EziBuy and Ljunbenka has kindly given great advice for those of you who’d like to succeed as a model.
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Who is Ljubenka? Ljubenka is the beautiful model that you have seen gracing the covers of our Sara catalogue for the last six years. She is inspiring, professional and has a great work to life balance.

We’re celebrating International Women’s Day with Q&A’s from influential women from EziBuy and Ljubenka has kindly given great advice for those of you who’d like to succeed as a model.

What is a typical day like for you when you’re at an EziBuy photoshoot? Who do you deal with?
When I arrive at an Ezibuy shoot, whether it be on location or in studio, I go straight to the hair and makeup chair. When finished, I get dressed in my first outfit and head to the set for a light test. Once that is completed and checked off, we start our day shooting outfit after outfit. Sometimes there are set changes and hair/makeup changes that need to happen throughout the day. At a fashion shoot I deal with the entire crew (producer, art director, photographer, photographers assistant, digital operator, stylist, stylists assistant and hair and makeup artist).

How do you balance your work to life ratio? What are some barriers for you?
Firstly, I need to be planned and organised as best as I can to make it all work and come together. My husband is a great help as is my mother. We have a wonderful sitter who helps us in-between ‘shifts’ if you will. It takes a village, really!

Balance can be rather difficult for me sometimes and out of my control, which can be frustrating. I travel a lot for my work and that takes me away from my family and routine. I can have a lot of notice for a work trip or it can be the following day so we have to scramble and hustle. I have to simply go with it — life will go on and the family will survive without me until I return. I try and do as much as I can for my family and on the home front when I am home to make up for time away.

When I am home, I make an effort to catch up with family & friends. I try and get myself to workout and get some exercise in to my week too… Every day is different.

As a successful woman in business, what is your advice to other women, particularly younger women who are starting out their career?
Be organised as best as you can be and do what you love, what you are interested in. Your success and happiness will shine through each and every time. Don’t be afraid of challenges and obstacles — sometimes they help you grow and become stronger and better.

Lastly, don’t be afraid of changing your career either! Who says you just have to have one? Explore and have fun as life is too short.

How would you advise someone to start his or her career in your role?
As a model, approach a reputable model/talent agency and see what they have to say about your ‘look’. I would see at least two or three agents so you can compare apples with apples. If one agency says no, don’t take it to heart — perhaps the next one will be right for you.

These days, all sizes are being represented and diversity is finally here. Don’t let anyone bully you into loosing or gaining weight or tell you you aren’t good enough, pretty enough or thin enough. But you will need a very thick skin to be in the fashion industry.

As a writer/blogger, you can simply start writing and see where it takes you. You can start up your own blog or join an existing one as a contributing writer. There are formal writing courses you can take if you want to go down that route too.

Can you name one of your most transformative business experiences, and what you learned from that?
When I became the brand ambassador of Sara, my role encompassed all media and publicity for the company. That’s when I started writing for Ezibuy too. I learnt a lot during this time — what the whole fashion and media businesses were about from start to finish. I wasn’t just posing and moving in front of the camera anymore… I became 3D if you will. I met the customers of Sara and was able to hear their stories and comments.

List 3 skills you need as a model and blogger:

  • Professionalism
  • Patience
  • A good a`tude

Are there any perks to working as a model for EziBuy?
Traveling to some wonderful places.

Tell us about your wardrobe. What is your favourite items to go from a business meeting to after work drinks in town?
I love to wear dresses in summer and jeans/jackets/boots in winter. I’m not in a corporate position so I have a lot more flexibility when it comes to what I wear and when. I like to mix it up and usually my mood dictates what I wear that day.

I love a little black dress that goes from a meeting to works drinks in town. A jacket or scarf can help distinguish your look too.

What do you enjoy the most about working with EziBuy?
The people I work with, for sure.

What are you lusting over at the moment from our collection?
I’m loving the super comfy stretch denim skinny jeans and the merino sweater collection for Autumn.

Inspring Model - Sara Inspring Model - Sara

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