With love, from Malika

A Postcard home from London to Malika’s Granny

We love working with the team at Together in London and recently discovered that the lovely Malika in their production team hails from Sydney!

Here she is with a postcard home to her Granny who lives in Gisborne.

Postcards from London
Dear Granny,

I hope you’re really well. Spring is finally here in London! The daffodils are popping up everywhere and the cherry blossom trees are blooming which makes it look so beautiful (I’ve sent some photos for you to see), it’s still a bit chilly though so I’m looking forward to it warming up a bit more.

Work at Together is going really well, I can’t believe I will have been here for 11 years this year! We’ll be starting to cost the new range soon so I will be heading on a trip to the Far East which is always really exciting, it’s nice to start work on a new season and see the result of the design team’s hard work.

I’ve just got back from our trip to Australia and we had such an amazing time! We were based at Mum & Dads for most of the time but also went camping down the South Coast for a few days as well. It’s so stunning! I popped in a photo for you of Hyams Beach which apparently has the whitest sand in the world!

I also went to the Blue Mountains to see my gorgeous nieces, it’s such a lovely part of the world and really reminded me how beautiful Australia is.

I came back stocked with all my favourite foods – lots of Smiths Crisps which are my absolute favourites plus Shapes and Tim Tams!! Mum still sends me care packages of all my favourite things to keep me in supply during the year!

Mum & Dad are busy planning their trip to come over to London in the summer, I’m so looking forward to having them here and showing them my favourite places! We’re planning a little road trip together which will be fantastic and I can’t wait to see some more of the country.

Miss you always, Love Malika xx

P.S I’ve included some pictures! Hope you love flicking through them.

Cherry Blossoms

Daffodils in Spring

Off roading!

Summer Beach

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