Positive Change: Junk Free June

Positive Change: Monthly Events You Can Take Part In

Setting goals is a great way to make positive change in your life.

The perfect way to kick things off is to pick up a monthly challenge. It will not only impact positively on your own lifestyle, but you can also raise money for a worthy cause or a charity that is important to you. More often than not, if you make a commitment to a challenge, a cause or a goal, the sense of achievement you feel encourages you to stick to your change long term!

Looking for a challenge to take up? Here are some options you can consider:

Positive Change: Junk Free June

Junk-free June
The month has already kicked off but it’s not too late to jump on board the junk-free train. Junk-free June is an annual fundraising challenge which sees participants giving up junk food for the month to raise money for the Cancer Society of New Zealand. Participate as an individual, or get a group together to help keep each other accountable – it’s a great option for a group of colleagues. Not only will you do good, but you’ll also feel good by making better choices and cutting out those less-nutritious food and drinks.

Dry July
Dry July is another great movement that encourages participants to give up alcohol entirely for the month of July. Again, it’s another great fundraising initiative that sees all funds raised going towards supporting cancer sufferers, their families and carers. While you’re raising much-needed funds, giving your body a break from alcohol is of course also going to have huge benefits for your own health and well-being. No doubt you’ll be sleeping better, your mind will be clearer, you’ll feel more productive, your skin will be clearer and you’ll likely see a little weight drop off – all signs that your body is loving a break from the effects of alcohol. More information: Australia, New Zealand.

Plastic-free July
Plastic Free July aims to raise awareness of the problems with single-use disposable plastic and challenges people to do something about it. As a society we’ve become really accustomed to the convenience of single-use plastic, not even giving a second-thought to the amount of waste we are producing – things like plastic bags, water bottles, food packaging, drinking straws. Well, this initiative is hoping to change that!

Every bit of plastic you refuse makes a difference – so, choose to refuse. Say no to single use plastic – you don’t need that straw with your drink, take re-usable bags to the supermarket, fill up re-usable water bottles, and use a sustainable coffee cup, such as Keep Cup, instead of those takeaway coffee cups! These small changes can make a huge impact if we all take up the challenge to live more plastic free. There is no need to raise money with this challenge, but the pay off is that you’ll be doing great things for the environment!

Steptember - Making every step count

Here’s a challenge where you can really step up and make every step count! For this month, you challenge yourself to take 10,000 steps every day for 28 days. The idea is to raise funds for people living with cerebral palsy – a condition that affects movement in sufferers. When you sign up, you’ll receive a pedometer, and then you just need to get moving! It’s a great way to ensure you’re getting in regular exercise everyday. So get a couple of friends or colleagues signed up, and step up to the challenge. More information: Australia, New Zealand.

Charlotte’s father was diagnosed with prostate cancer eight years ago. A five-time Mo Sista, she’s written about her family’s experience with the disease.

Movember is not just for the blokes! While traditionally, Movember has been all about the men in our life growing impressive (or not so!) moustaches in order to raise funds and awareness around men’s house, in particular, cancer. While us ladies can’t quite participate in the same way as the lads, there are still ways we can get involved. They’re asking you to Move for Men’s Health – in whatever way you choose, and ask friends and family to support you through donations to the Movember Foundation. More information: Australia, New Zealand.

The best thing about these challenges is that they are win-win! You’re doing a great thing for your community and those in need, while also making positive change to your own health and well-being.

If you’ve been wanting to make some lifestyle changes, these challenges are a great way to get motivated and stay accountable. After 30 days, the healthy changes you’ve made will become new habits, and you’ll no doubt feel so great that you’ll want to stick with them!

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