John, our planning assistant loves his shirts - the perfect mix of casual and smart
John, our planning assistant loves his shirts - the perfect mix of casual and smart

What’s a Typical Day like for a Planning Assistant?

John, our planning assistant loves his shirts - the perfect mix of casual and smart
John, our planning assistant loves his shirts (above style: Southcape Cotton Twill Shirt) – the perfect mix of casual and smart.

EziBuy Planning Assistant, John answers all our hard-hitting questions about what he gets up to each day, perks of working at EziBuy, how he balances work to life and the skills needed to work in the fashion industry.

What do you do at EziBuy? What’s your job title and department?
I’m the planning assistant for Emerge & Grace Hill. I assist the planner and buyer with the administration of the two buyerships; Raise purchase orders, apply markdowns, check catalogues for pricing and that stock will be delivered on time, maintain accurate data – delivery dates, pricing, seasonality of styles.

What is a typical day like for you? Who do you deal with?
My day will begin with checking anything done the previous day has uploaded overnight correctly. From there this helps me create a plan for the day. I have also have a quick meeting with the planner to discuss any issues, check catalogues and ensure stock is arriving on time and that the pricing is correct. I need to load promotions for upcoming sales, run reports as needed and work with the buyers to assess delivery dates/raise purchase orders/maintain style code data.

How do you balance your work to life ratio? What are some barriers for you?
We’ve just had a new baby, so it’s been interesting! Although barriers do crop up, we need to prioritize the important tasks and ensure they get done before they become urgent.

What’s the best advice you’ve been given?
The Managing Director at my previous role told me once that there are no short cuts.

What is the best advice you’d give someone, particularly those who are starting out their career in fashion?
Time on the sales floor is a great place to start. This way you get to know that customers can easily be lost if through inadequate range of prices and styles, as is pleasing the customer with their shopping experience. Timing for deliveries is critical.

List 3 skills you need in your position
Organized, analytical and inquisitive. Good knowledge of excel. Maths. Some experience with retail and retail pricing and inventory systems (SAP etc)… opps, that’s more than three!

Are there any perks to working at EziBuy?
A generous staff discount!

What do you enjoy the most about working at EziBuy?
Great place to work, nice people and a central location.

Tell us about your wardrobe. What is your favorite items to go from a business meeting to after work drinks in town?
We are a casual office so it jeans and and a button down oxford shirt most days

What’s currently on your wishlist from our collection at the moment?
NEXT TrainersPolo Shirt and the Southcape Shirt

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